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Hi there!

I've also had the exact same problem described in this thread on my MacPro 1,1 (flashed to 2,1). I've tested the Fedora installer, which appears to support 32-bit EFI, with all sorts of USB sticks - I've also burned both the full image and the netinstall image to DVD's and CDs and tried booting them, with no success. I get a solid cursor after selecting to boot Fedora 29 for approximately 60 seconds, and then the machine reboots.

I've managed to get Fedora 29 running on my machine by installing the OS on the drive in another computer, and then swapping the drive out into my MacPro. Obviously not ideal at all, so if anyone has any insight or interest in fixing this issue with booting the Fedora installer on the old MacPros, then it'd be great to keep these machines going into the future, considering they're extremely reliable and also now very affordable.

Thanks to anyone who reads this! :)