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THIS IS NOT THE ANSWERE TO THAT PROBLEM, IT'S a general approach to solve the problem.

check this german Link for a guide, how to get into rootconsole for your actual kernel .


  1. get into grub menu
  2. select kernel
  3. press "e"
  4. edit LINUX line by ADDING a " 1" to the end REMOVE the keywords "rhgb quiet splash"
  5. Press F10 to boot into Emergency boot

IF that works, your kernel is fine and 10:1 some kernel mods are missing.

Login as root enter "akmods" to build missing modules, that should have been build automatically IF you DO NOT HAVE any moduls to build, kernel-modules could be missing at all

Check if you have the RPMs kernel-NUMBER-modules and kernel-NUMBER-modules-extras installed:

rpm -qa | grep kernel | sort

IF NOT, install them with DNF :

dnf install kernel-NUMBER-modules ....


I hope this has been of any usage to you. Cu.