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Fedora 25 - Kernel 4.10.17 - mouse cursor won't move!

asked 2017-05-29 09:05:32 -0500

Haiderkhalid94 gravatar image

hi all yesterday i updated my kernel from 4.10.16 to 4.10.17 and after the machine restarted the mouse won't move any more i only able to use the Tuchpad . i had the same problem with kernel 4.10.15 bout the update of 4.10.16 solved it perfectly so please can any one help me ? keep in mind I'm completely a new Linux user :) thanks alot

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answered 2017-05-29 13:40:03 -0500

David-LDA gravatar image

I assume you know you can choose to use an older kernel at bootup? fedora remembers and keeps the last few you installed.

bad luck about the mouse not moving with the new kernel, i have heard this sort of thing is possible but rare. they update the hardware drivers with new kernels, and it is always possible that they messed something up.

don't get put off linux, it's amazing! it takes a while to learn anything new, especially an OS.

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hi @David-LDA thanks alot for your answer. actually i tried your solution but didn't worked unfortunately, the weird thing is when i fire up fedora the mouse did work first 10 or 20 seconds and after that stop moving. it's really weird bro i think there is a ghost in my OS (Linux haunted) i think am going to wait for new update thanks again

Haiderkhalid94 gravatar imageHaiderkhalid94 ( 2017-05-31 10:57:58 -0500 )edit

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