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I'm installing Fedora 18 on the windows xp sp2. I'm installing it via the live disk, putting the date & timezone was the easy part, after that is really really the confusing part w/c is the STORAGE part, i don't know what to do. Even if i have 3 healthy partitions, why is it that there's only one partition shown? And also shall i click on encrypt? Next is installation options. Shall i click on the 'i don't need help, let me customize the partitioning? Shall i click on Reclaim space or the cancel & add more disks?

Then i get to the MANUAL PARTITIONING, what is that? There's a button there that says FINISH PARTITIONING, shall i click that? Theres also adda NEW MOUNT POINT, What is that? what's a mount point? If i click on Finish Partitioning [coz there's not much anything i can do at this point], screen goes back to the INSTALLATION SUMMARY page & it says 'Error checking storage configuration' What will i configure really? How do i do that?

Anybody pls help. Thanks!!

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