How to install Fedora with two LVMs and LUKS?

asked 2017-07-01 14:08:48 -0500


I would like to install Fedora using two LVMs. In my computer I have two hdds which I want to use in Software-RAID 1 for "data partitions" (/home and a custom /data) in a LVM "datagroup". All my system data and temporary file systems like /, /var, /tmp and swap should be installed in a second LVM called "systemgroup" on a SSD. The boot partition should be a standard partition on the ssd. Both LVMs should be encrypted by LUKS and at boot time the (common) password should be entered only once.

Can you give me a hint how this can be set up? I even failed to setup two LVMs using Anaconda. How can I create two LVMs during the installation process?

Thank you very much for any advice! Yours,


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