Fedora 26 LXDE keeps dropping the internet connection

asked 2017-11-18 08:01:57 -0500

peaceninja gravatar image

My other devices still are able to connect to router and to websites, but my Fedora 26 LXDE laptop keeps dropping its connection to the internet (it says however it's still connected to the router, but can't ping sites or connect to sites in the browser). And windows used to work perfectly fine on this machine with regards to the internet. So I know it's a problem strictly with this operating system and not with hardware or with the router or ISP.

I try to disconnect and reconnect manually through the UI, and also disconnect and reconnect through trying these scripts below:

nmcli networking off && sleep 15 && nmcli networking on # "networking disabled"

nmcli radio wifi off && sleep 15 && nmcli radio wifi on # "wifi is disabled"

iwconfig wlan0 txpower off && sleep 15 && iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto # "wifi is disabled"

However, this only works maybe 40% of the time. Restarting my laptop will always restore the connection 100% of the time, it'll work for around 30 minutes or 30 mb (whichever comes first) and then the internet connection mysteriously drops again (but remains connected to router).

Should I try other scripts to help identify the issue or temporarily/permanently resolve the issue? I can't really upgrade the entire operating system for about a week until I have the resources I need to back everything up. So what else should I try? Thank you

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