how to configure GDM

asked 2017-11-22 23:50:24 -0500

horizonbrave gravatar image

I can't believe that Gnome Settings (or at least Gnome Tweaks) doesn't offer any option for configuring GDM. Basic staff like wallpaper, user list or icons.. not even some basic cosmetic changes. Please, how can I disable some users to show up in the login screen at startup?

I tried to follow the documentation here: So I edited the etc/gdm/custom.conf file as suggested and added the line [greeter] Exclude=TheUserIwantToExcludeFromTheList

I'm starting to hate Gnome.. it makes everything look so neat and simple but whenever you need to "tweak" some basic stuff (which should be an option in the settings and not requiring "tweaking"!) it just becomes evil! :)

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