Fedora 27 Workstation on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

asked 2018-02-22 04:49:05 -0500

FloHer gravatar image

Hej all,

i have set up a SD-Card wirth the Fedora Workstation 27 image and tried to start it on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3. Unforunately it won't boot. In the documentation for setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 for Fedora 27 it was mentioned that it would be supported once it is available: "We will support the new Compute Module 3 based on the same SoC as the Raspberry Pi 3 when it starts to ship. "

Has anyone tried to setup a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 with the lates Fedora 27 release? My understand was, that the Raspberry Pi 3 has the exactly same hardware as the Compute Module 3 but just an other formfactor?

Perhaps it is just a question of the configuration in the config.txt-File?

I would be very happy if anyone could help.



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