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Ledger Nano S

asked 2018-03-22 15:34:14 -0500

lame gravatar image

Does anyone have an solution for Fedora to recconice my Ledger Nano S in Crome?

Surfing around ill only find solutions for Ubunto and Arch

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answered 2018-03-23 14:18:53 -0500

ssieb gravatar image

The Arch Linux instructions at the support site should work on Fedora as well. Create that file with those contents then run udevadm control -R. After that, plugging in the device should work. If not, then check the journal for more info.

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Works for me, thanks!

kittipat gravatar imagekittipat ( 2018-05-26 17:05:28 -0500 )edit

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