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How Do I Rollback 28 to 27? Gnome

asked 2018-05-16 21:35:41 -0500

x27qb8 gravatar image

The upgrade wrecked my admin profile and prevented the DE from loading. I keep getting sent back to the greeter.

I can enter another profile that has admin rights. Is there anyway to recover my primary profile, or do I have to delete it and start over.

Also, this was sooo not worth the upgrade. Is there a way to go back?

PS, none of the previous '27 kernels will load, with my admin profile.

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answered 2018-05-17 07:04:13 -0500

heliosstyx gravatar image

There a some ways to go back to Fedora 27:

  1. If you have a an image/snapshot of your latest F27 installation (Timeshift etc.) recover it.
  2. Downgrading is a hard way. I used always a fresh installation and afterwards restored my personal backups.
  3. In earlier days I used Gnome too, but it brings up only troubles for me. Now I am using KDE without any issues.

Good luck.

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