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Is Fedora Suitable for Machine Learning?

asked 2018-07-11 03:43:04 -0500

ikONS gravatar image

Hello there!

Planning to do some machine learning for the Real Estate industry.

Is Fedora suitable for it? Or I should use another Linux distro? Does it have enough performance?

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answered 2018-07-11 06:41:51 -0500

updated 2018-07-11 06:47:03 -0500

whatever you do choose all are suitable , it's upto you .. some find windows better , some says mac some say linux etc etc .. as you are talking about machine learning , which is a subject of AI and AI is a subset of computer science , so this kind of topic of field does not depend on OS or such things , you are going to do progressively improve performance on a specific task with data, without being explicitly programmed , so go ahead choose anyone with which you are comfortable and believe that you will achieve your goals using ML. I suugest you to read articles and research papers of Arthur Samuel

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