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platform device creation failed

asked 2018-09-22 03:23:31 -0600

acerboy gravatar image


I am new to using Fedora and am not very computer literate so please can someone explain to me as simply as possible how I can fix the error on my computer.

When I turn on my computer and boot fedora 28 I get a message saying "Platform Device Creation failed 16"

Also I seem to have 3 different options to boot fedora - Please see attached the photo I have taken.

Which one of the options should I use to boot fedora?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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answered 2018-09-22 18:06:07 -0600

ed209 gravatar image

Enter the bios and disable

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) feature

The message will go away.

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Asked: 2018-09-22 03:23:31 -0600

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