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How to upgrade Fedora 13 to the newest version?

asked 2018-10-14 23:27:00 -0500

qbbfjx gravatar image

I have a computer which has Fedora 13. I would like to upgrade it to the newest version. I am new to Fedora system. Can anyone know how to do it? I don't want to format the hard drive and install a new system since I have very important programs and files inside it. Any help will be appreciated.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-10-15 05:47:43 -0500

ed209 gravatar image

Fedora 13 has reached end of life many years ago, it's obsolete. There is no upgrade path. As you have very important programs and files on the disk I'm sure you have a well organised backup. Then you can install Fedora 28 and restore all your important files from your backup.

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Asked: 2018-10-14 23:27:00 -0500

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