why has open another file from same folder changed in gedit?

asked 2018-11-04 20:58:11 -0500

paulandmarg gravatar image

I have just upgraded from fedora 28 to fedora 29. Using gedit I could open a file and then if I wanted to open another file (usually in the same folder), I could click on open and then other documents and would be in the same folder making it easy to open another file in the same folder. Now it seems the default for the second file is to open in the "recent" folder and then have to find my folder again which is not as good for me. This is a difficult thing to ask for on google, although I have tried and looked for changing gedit preferences. This does not seem to be a changeable preference. Any suggestions?

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Seems to have reverted to the old style! I didn't do anything so I don't know if it will happen again. Will let you know if it does. Problem not solved but gone away.

paulandmarg gravatar imagepaulandmarg ( 2018-11-05 20:54:27 -0500 )edit