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Evolution on F29 causes logout of Gnome session

asked 2018-11-24 05:44:09 -0500


Recently I witnessed a phenomena I didn't see before. I'm using Evolution on F29 and after doing cleanup of unwanted e-mails or moving some mail to a subfolder and next closing the Evolution app the screen goes blank and I'm logged out completely.

The bug reporting UI tool (I'm not sure how it called in English) doesn't show any reports of that. Where to look for traces of what happened to get a clue.

Thanks, Heymen

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answered 2018-11-24 10:39:38 -0500

ed209 gravatar image

Not writing which mail provider you use doesn't help at all. Launch evolution from a terminal and see what it writes. Upgrade to latest versions. If all else fails, file a bug to bugzilla, it is very easy, just follow instructions.

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Asked: 2018-11-24 05:44:09 -0500

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