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Fedora dnf update with '--allowerasing' option for qt5?

asked 2018-12-19 23:56:50 -0500

incantator gravatar image

Hello, everyone. I'm using Fedora 29 KDE Spin, and finally the recent kernel doen't seem to freeze the machine, which is nice. However, I found that there are some dependency problems related to a package:

[---@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf update
Last metadata expiration check: 0:09:29 ago on Thu 20 Dec 2018 02:35:21 PM KST.
Dependencies resolved.

 Problem: package qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld-5.11.2-1.fc29.x86_64 requires qt5-qtwebengine(x86-64) = 5.11.2, but none of the providers can be installed
  - cannot install both qt5-qtwebengine-5.11.3-1.fc29.x86_64 and qt5-qtwebengine-5.11.2-2.fc29.x86_64
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld-5.11.2-1.fc29.x86_64
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package qt5-qtwebengine-5.11.2-2.fc29.x86_64
 Package                         Arch                   Version                       Repository               Size
Skipping packages with conflicts:
(add '--best --allowerasing' to command line to force their upgrade):
 qt5-qtwebengine                 x86_64                 5.11.3-1.fc29                 updates                  38 M

Transaction Summary
Skip  1 Package

Nothing to do.

When I first started using Fedora, I didn't know the RPM fusion thing and messed up with my repos, and googling tells me that it might be very well the cause of this problem. I'm currently not sure whether I should use the '--allowerasing' option to possibly erase the current version and get the most recent version from my current repolists.

Here are some additional information:

[---@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf repolist
[sudo] password for ---: 
Adobe Systems Incorporated                                                          1.9 kB/s | 2.9 kB     00:01    
Fedora Modular 29 - x86_64                                                          4.2 kB/s | 7.8 kB     00:01    
Fedora Modular 29 - x86_64 - Updates                                                3.7 kB/s | 7.2 kB     00:01    
Fedora 29 - x86_64 - Updates                                                        4.2 kB/s | 7.9 kB     00:01    
Fedora 29 - x86_64                                                                  4.6 kB/s | 7.9 kB     00:01    
packages-microsoft-com-mssql-server-preview                                         2.5 kB/s | 2.9 kB     00:01    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Free - Updates                                           5.4 kB/s |  12 kB     00:02    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Free - Updates                                           3.9 kB/s | 193 kB     00:49    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Free                                                     6.4 kB/s |  14 kB     00:02    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Nonfree - Updates                                        5.4 kB/s |  12 kB     00:02    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Nonfree - Updates                                         11 kB/s |  66 kB     00:05    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Nonfree                                                  6.4 kB/s |  14 kB     00:02    
repo id                                               repo name                                               status
adobe-linux-x86_64                                    Adobe Systems Incorporated                                   3
fedora                                                Fedora 29 - x86_64                                      58,207
fedora-modular                                        Fedora Modular 29 - x86_64                                   8
packages-microsoft-com-mssql-server-preview           packages-microsoft-com-mssql-server-preview                 36
rpmfusion-free                                        RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Free                            596
*rpmfusion-free-updates                               RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Free - Updates                  136
rpmfusion-nonfree                                     RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Nonfree                         228
*rpmfusion-nonfree-updates                            RPM Fusion for Fedora 29 - Nonfree - Updates                38
updates                                               Fedora 29 - x86_64 - Updates                            14,378
updates-modular                                       Fedora Modular 29 - x86_64 - Updates                         9

The last one:

[---@localhost ~]$ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo
name=Fedora $releasever - $basearch
metalink ...
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answered 2018-12-20 03:00:13 -0500

Night Romantic gravatar image

updated 2018-12-20 03:03:02 -0500

Without digging to deep (and I don't have these packages installed) the root of the problem can be this:

package qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld [pkg1] is provided by rpmfusion (an additional repo that is not under Fedora control), and it needs package qt5-qtwebengine [pkg2] (from the main Fedora repo).

Now in main repo there's an update to [pkg2] (from 5.11.2 to 5.11.3). But rpmfusion can lag behind and there's no update to [pkg1].

So dnf can't update [pkg2] because it's needed by the [pkg1] package, and there's no update available for the [pkg1].

General advice in this case is to (1) check again that there's no update to the qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld and (2) wait when update becomes available and see if it resolves the issue. Until then you can upgrade other packages using --exclude=name_of_conflicting_package option.

If that's the case then you haven't messed up your repos :)

Right now I see qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld version 5.11.3 is available from rpmfusion. So if I was right in the first place you should be able to update right now. Please try sudo dnf check-update --refresh, then sudo dnf list qt5-qtwebengine* to verify you see qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld.x86_64 5.11.3-1.fc29 in the list, then try to install updates again.

If my guess was wrong I'll try to provide additional assistance.

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Thank you so much! It seems like you were correct; I was able to update successfully. Thank you for showing me concise explanation and appropriate commands to use.

incantator gravatar imageincantator ( 2018-12-20 18:14:32 -0500 )edit

@incantator, you are welcome!

Night Romantic gravatar imageNight Romantic ( 2018-12-21 00:49:30 -0500 )edit

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