Laptop recognized as a tablet

asked 2018-12-30 13:51:20 -0500

Boiethios gravatar image

I bought an Asus Zenbook Flip recently. Everything works pretty well, except that I have the feeling that it is seen by the system as a tablet:

  • I regularly have a notification saying that the bluetooth keyboard has no more battery (I only use the keyboard of the laptop though)
  • I cannot suspend the laptop. It is always on, even when I close it, just as a tablet would do. That's my main issue because I have to charge it everyday.
  • The battery is charging only when I plug the laptop while it is opened (not sure if it is related, though)

How to solve those issues? If it is not trivial (for example, related to Linux drivers), are there some workarounds? Otherwise, where could I find more information/post a bug report?

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