I just discovered the 'moby-engine' package. Should I be using it instead of the 'docker' package?

asked 2019-01-25 03:04:43 -0600

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I've always just used the docker package from the default Fedora repos instead of installing the Docker CE rpm from the Docker website, and I just now discovered that Fedora also has a moby-engine package which provides a docker binary.

For those unfamiliar (as I was until recently), I understand Moby to be the open source project from which Docker CE and Docker EE are built.

I know that the dockerpackage in the Fedora repos is a packaged version of https://github.com/projectatomic/moby, which is a fork of the upstream Moby project that seems to be locked to a pretty old version and doesn't receive any updates. Even though it worked, it kinda bothered me that the version of Docker that Fedora provided was so out of date because usually Fedora's packages are kept fairly well updated.

Based on the version numbers and changelog of the moby-enginepackage in dnf, it seems like it is a packaged version of https://github.com/docker/docker-ce, the Docker CE repository built from Moby.

The naming of the packages is confusing (docker -> projectatomic/moby, moby-engine -> docker/docker-ce), and I'm not sure which I should be using.

I don't necessarily need to use new features found in new versions of Docker CE, but I would like to stay updated if possible, just like I do with all the software I use. With that in mind, does anyone know whether as a developer using docker as their development environment, whether I should be using docker or moby-engine? And does the answer change if I also need to use docker-compose?

It seems if I want old, stagnant and stable, I should install docker and if I want new and closely following upstream, I should install moby-engine - is there any more to it than that?

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