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can't apply a theme in fedora 19

asked 2013-12-02 09:54:04 -0500

muffin gravatar image

updated 2014-09-30 09:05:06 -0500

mether gravatar image

After i updated my system using "yum update" and rebooted the loki theme i had installed was gone(the standard fedora19 theme was being used).

But when i checked my themes in system settings it still showed as applied, i tried installing another theme, or using the default cinnamon theme but nothing seems to work. I'm still pretty new to linux (been using it for a few months now but i really enjoy it.) so i rly dont have a clue what this could be.

i tried installing cinnamon again with yum, because i thought cinnamon was just removed or broken or w/e, but it just told me my cinnamon was already installed and up to date.

if anyone could help me with this i would be really grateful.

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can anyone pls answer me or partly put me on the right path? im still having problems with this honestly. and i really need help with this.

muffin gravatar imagemuffin ( 2013-12-07 02:54:49 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-12-18 11:57:18 -0500

muffin gravatar image

ok i resolved this eventually by searching/fiddling around ALOT.

the issue here was that even tho i had installed my themes and activated them, i had to select the cinnamon desktop at the login screen(gnome 3.1 was selected automatically for some reason after the update) and then it would use my chosen theme again.

a pretty stupid and simple problem/fix but quite annoying to find if you dont know what happened or why.

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