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Installation of MariaDB

asked 2015-03-17 14:38:59 -0500

tiago gravatar image

updated 2015-03-17 14:39:28 -0500

Hello my friends,

I've trying installing mariadb on terminal with: yum install mariadb mariadb-server, but this error: MariaDB-common-10.0.17-1.fc20.x86_64 conflits mariadb-libs < 1:10.0.17-1.fc20!!!!

Can i resolve this problem??

My Fedora is 21!!!!!

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U can try be first removing mariadb-* from your system

Rabin gravatar imageRabin ( 2015-03-17 17:28:59 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-03-17 18:19:46 -0500

tiago gravatar image

This works!!! Thanks!!!

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