needs a bug report

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Im noticing a ton of users here that dont seem to notice that there is a bug reporting area for Fedora.A lot of these posts can be better answered by the dev team.Things like NOT WORKING can better be solved by filing a bug report than asking other users. Your issues is probably reported already if you bother to do a search in the offending package. Steam is a notable exception which has been covered already. I mustve answered at least three questions myself about steam not working in fc21 or fc22. It is a PRELOAD issue with GCC causing the bugs.Look a little harder on the net before posting, maybe someone else has already found your answer.

Found a Bug? report it HERE:

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Ok but often on bugzilla one gets "it's by design"

Federico gravatar imageFederico ( 2015-07-18 18:59:05 -0500 )edit