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F-18>lxde>system tools>software missing

asked 2013-02-08 20:09:01 -0500

I have lots of experience with Ubuntu, LXDE, Mint, Debian, etc. This is my first try at Fedora 18 LXDE. It wouldn't load at all on two of my PCs which have Intel Atom D2700 with on-board GMA3600 video controller, but it did work on my netbook with Atom N450.

It took me 10 tries to install to hard drive because it is a multi-boot machine and I didn't want to overwrite anything important. The process is completely unhelpful about what it is going to do, and very very dangerous. You simply wouldn't dare do it on a customer's machine.

Then I wanted to update the installed packages and install some software. But there is no menu items for these. They should be in System Tools (or Preferences or even Other), but nothing found.

I have searched this forum for answers but since the search terms are so common, everything is a hit. Surely you could have a search that returns only Fedora X, and desktop Y to narrow it down first before putting in the real search terms.

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answered 2013-02-24 03:22:53 -0500

I had a second monitor (LCD TV), it was turned off, so i didnt notice that the menu was displaying on the external display.

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( f )-button - Administration, Yum Extender is used to install software.

Jens Peter Nielsen gravatar imageJens Peter Nielsen ( 2013-02-24 03:31:44 -0500 )edit

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Asked: 2013-02-08 20:09:01 -0500

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