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Fedora24 Live X blackscreen (+cursor) then crash? GTX 1070

asked 2016-08-09 07:20:55 -0500

f24live5 gravatar image

updated 2016-08-09 16:09:23 -0500


I was trying to test out Fedora 24 live (setup using dd with a USB stick) on a very new desktop machine with a Nvidia GTX 1070 video card, and I can't get to X. The usb works on my laptop without any noticeable error.

The boot process seems to proceed normally, and X seems to start -- a mouse cursor appears on a black screen which I can move around. Then, however, there's some weird graphical flashes near the bottom of the screen, and X closes and re-open a few times (with graphical glitches flashing), until finally giving up and crashing to the command line.

I switched over to a VT and ran dmesg | tail and the messages are all gnome-shell trap invalid opcode errors plus an error about setting MTRR. My searching for these two errors has produced nothing tangible.

I also did lspci -k and saw that the nouveau driver was in use.

I tried all three of the suggestions here other than trying to install using VNC, as well as trying nouveau.modeset=0 on the boot. These all produced the same results, and, to my surprise, nouveau was still listed for my video card using lspci -k even with inst.xdriver=vesa or nouveau.modeset=0 added to the boot line.

After this, I decided to try a Korora live image (based on Fedora, made in the same manner using dd), and it was able to boot to the desktop. Checking lspci -k, it seemed to be using nouveau as well, so it confused me a bit. However, afterwards, I realized I downloaded the MATE version of Korora, rather than the default GNOME, so I'm wondering if this is a GNOME problem, rather than (my initial assumption of being) a GTX 1070 support problem (I could test a Fedora spin of a different DE later today if someone thinks it would be helpful).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT I tried the Fedora 24 XFCE live workstation spin, and I was able to successfully get to X (I wanted to try because I noticed Korora was MATE instead of GNOME, and the gnome-shell trap invalid opcode errors) -- so I'm not sure what to make of the problem. Is it a problem between GTX 1070 and GNOME specifically?

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answered 2016-08-09 14:15:33 -0500

baoboa gravatar image

updated 2016-08-09 14:18:32 -0500

to disable nouveau at boot time

nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

gtx 1070 is pascal family hardware, it's only supported by the kernel >= 4.8, you need to install the proprietary driver after ( text mode ) install. Usually a degraded graphic mode is proposed at boot time for the live cd, maybe it will work for you.

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Unfortunately, this results in the same error. I added an edit to the original post, but I tried the Fedora 24 XFCE Live Workstation, and it successfully booted to X and I was able to interact with the system. It had (I believe) 4.5.5, and lspci -k showed nouveau for my video card. Would a text install be the only work around for GNOME, or is something else going on between GNOME and the GTX 1070?

f24live5 gravatar imagef24live5 ( 2016-08-09 16:11:27 -0500 )edit

gnome shell require 3D capabilities, you can solve the problem by installing the last proprietary driver after the disk install. or

baoboa gravatar imagebaoboa ( 2016-08-10 11:55:41 -0500 )edit

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