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chrombook function key remapping

asked 2016-11-27 06:55:41 -0500

drahnr gravatar image

I installed F25 on a Dell Chromebook 13 which works great.

The only thing left is the F1 to F11 keys do not work as expected (their print symbols)

I know that there are some key definitions of xkb but I am not sure how to activate them without manually editing the keyboard layout which - on every xkb (or so) update gets wiped again.

How to permanently activate extra chrombook specific key to symbol mappings with xkb?

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answered 2016-11-27 08:19:53 -0500

andmalc gravatar image

updated 2016-11-27 09:09:07 -0500

You might find an answer on one of these forums:

I don't think you're running Crouton but if you are, there are keyboard-mapping related questions at the Crouton subreedit:

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This is not helpful, how do you get the idea I am using crouton? This answer is completly fact and informationless with 2 links to vaguely related topics. Don't even bother to answer if you do not know the answer. Comment/ask if you think it adds information of you need more information.

drahnr gravatar imagedrahnr ( 2016-11-28 02:09:38 -0500 )edit

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