preupgrade fedora 12 ppc to fedora 16 ppc

asked 2012-07-23 10:32:43 -0500

brian gravatar image

Laptop - iBook G4 Fedora 12 for ppc - updated everything on machine on 7/21/2012 (including the kernel) Followed the intructions in Fedora documents for using preupgrade to bring the upgrade software on-board before performing the upgrade.

opened a terminal: [smithwhite@localhost ~]$ preupgrade

A window requesting my root password immediately opened. After logging in the terminal spewed:

( Gdk-WARNING **: DESKTOPSTARTUPID contains invalid UTF-8 Loaded plugins: blacklist, whiteout No plugin match for: rpm-warm-cache No plugin match for: remove-with-leaves No plugin match for: auto-update-debuginfo preupgrade-main (mirrorlist) url:$basearch now: preupgrade (mirrorlist) url:$basearch/os/ now: unknown metadata being downloaded: repomd8vDxpMtmp.xml Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: preupgrade

Clearly preupgrade is incomplete. Where does one acquire the missing components?

Is the absence of some preupgrade components the cause of the failure?

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