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fedora 27: dnf autoremove wants to remove 1.2G of packages

After upgrading from fedora 26 to fedora 27, I wanted to cleanup the not needed packages using

dnf autoremove

This seemed to be the equivalent of debian's

apt-get autoremove

Surprisingly, dnf wants to remove most of my installed packages ! How is that possible ?

$ sudo dnf autoremove
Last metadata expiration check: 3:23:29 ago on Sat 18 Nov 2017 07:48:21 AM CET.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                       Arch      Version                                  Repository                  Size
 NetworkManager-openconnect                    x86_64    1.2.4-6.fc27                             @fedora                    1.9 M
 NetworkManager-openvpn                        x86_64    1:1.8.0-3.fc27                           @fedora                    949 k
 NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome                  x86_64    1:1.8.0-3.fc27                           @fedora                    360 k
 NetworkManager-pptp                           x86_64    1:1.2.4-4.fc27                           @fedora                    525 k
 NetworkManager-pptp-gnome                     x86_64    1:1.2.4-4.fc27                           @fedora                    143 k
 NetworkManager-vpnc                           x86_64    1:1.2.4-4.fc27                           @fedora                    557 k
 NetworkManager-vpnc-gnome                     x86_64    1:1.2.4-4.fc27                           @fedora                    155 k
 PackageKit-command-not-found                  x86_64    1.1.7-1.fc27                             @fedora                     43 k
 PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin                   x86_64    1.1.7-1.fc27                             @fedora                     19 k
 PackageKit-gtk3-module                        x86_64    1.1.7-1.fc27                             @fedora                     22 k
 PyQt4                                         x86_64    4.12.1-4.fc27                            @fedora                     15 M
 SDL_image                                     x86_64    1.2.12-17.fc27                           @fedora                     76 k
 SDL_mixer                                     x86_64    1.2.12-14.fc27                           @fedora                    210 k
 SDL_ttf                                       x86_64    2.0.11-11.fc27                           @fedora                     35 k
 adwaita-qt4                                   x86_64    1.0-3.fc27                               @fedora                    651 k
 alacarte                                      noarch    3.11.91-7.fc27                           @fedora                    369 k
 allegro                                       x86_64    4.4.2-18.fc27                            @fedora                    1.4 M
 allegro-devel                                 x86_64    4.4.2-18.fc27                            @fedora                    4.0 M
 aspell                                        x86_64    12:                      @fedora                    3.0 M
 atmel-firmware                                noarch    1.3-17.fc27                              @fedora                    711 k
 attr                                          x86_64    2.4.47-21.fc27                           @fedora                    154 k
 audacity-freeworld                            x86_64    2.1.3-4.fc27                             @rpmfusion-free             22 M
 avahi-gobject                                 x86_64    0.7-3.fc27                               @fedora                     48 k
 avahi-ui-gtk3                                 x86_64    0.7-3.fc27                               @fedora                     51 k
 b43-fwcutter                                  x86_64    019-10.fc27                              @fedora                     46 k
 b43-openfwwf                                  noarch    5.2-16.fc27                              @fedora                     31 k
 baobab                                        x86_64    3.26.1-1.fc27                            @fedora                    1.3 M
 bash-completion                               noarch    1:2.6-2.fc27                             @fedora                    893 k
 blosc                                         x86_64    1.11.3-3.fc27                            @fedora                    103 k
 brasero-libs                                  x86_64    3.12.2-2.fc27                            @fedora                    938 k
 bridge-utils                                  x86_64    1.5-16.fc27                              @fedora                     55 k
 cheese                                        x86_64    2:3.26.0-1.fc27                          @fedora                    419 k
 chrome-gnome-shell                            x86_64    9-3.fc27                                 @fedora                     60 k
 cifs-utils                                    x86_64    6.7-5.fc27                               @updates                   168 k
 cl-asdf                                       noarch    20101028-12.fc27                         @fedora                    469 k
 clutter-gst2                                  x86_64    2.0.18-4.fc27                            @fedora                    199 k
 cmark-lib                                     x86_64    0.27.1-4.fc27                            @fedora                    288 k
 common-lisp-controller                        noarch    7.4-12.fc27                              @fedora                     26 k
 compat-lua-libs                               x86_64    5.1.5-9.fc27                             @fedora                    486 k
 compat-openssl10-pkcs11-helper                x86_64    1.22-3.fc27                              @fedora                    145 k
 compat-wxBase3-gtk2                           x86_64    3.0.2-32.fc27                            @fedora                    3.2 M
 compat-wxGTK3-gtk2                            x86_64    3.0.2-32.fc27                            @fedora                     19 M
 compat-wxGTK3-gtk2-gl                         x86_64    3.0.2-32.fc27                            @fedora                     90 k
 coolkey                                       x86_64    1.1.0-35.fc27                            @fedora                    289 k
 crda                                          x86_64    3.18_2016.02.08-4.fc27                   @fedora                     62 k
 cryptsetup                                    x86_64    1.7.5-3.fc27                             @fedora                    295 k
 cyrus-sasl-plain                              x86_64    2.1.26-34.fc27                           @fedora                     39 k
 dbus-python                                   x86_64    1.2.4-8.fc27                             @fedora                    482 k
 dconf-editor                                  x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                   1.3 M
 dnfdaemon                                     noarch    0.3.18-4.fc27                            @fedora                    263 k
 dnfdaemon-selinux                             noarch    0.3.18-4.fc27                            @fedora                      0  
 dnfdragora                                    noarch    1.0.1-6.git20170505.2a3b056.fc27         @fedora                    1.1 M
 dnfdragora-gui                                noarch    1.0.1-6.git20170505.2a3b056.fc27         @fedora                     16 k
 dos2unix                                      x86_64    7.3.5-3.fc27                             @fedora                    638 k
 dotconf                                       x86_64    1.3-15.fc27                              @fedora                     54 k
 double-conversion                             x86_64    2.0.1-11.fc27                            @fedora                     76 k
 dwz                                           x86_64    0.12-5.fc27                              @fedora                    216 k
 edk2-ovmf                                     noarch    20170209git296153c5-5.fc27               @fedora                    6.3 M
 electronics-menu                              noarch    1.0-18.fc27                              @fedora                     94 k
 environment-modules                           x86_64    3.2.10-23.fc27                           @fedora                    227 k
 eog                                           x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                   9.9 M
 epson-inkjet-printer-escpr                    x86_64    1:1.6.13-3.1lsb3.2.fc27                  @fedora                    3.8 M
 fedora-obsolete-packages                      noarch    27-11                                    @updates                   150  
 fedora-productimg-workstation                 x86_64    27-1.fc27                                @fedora                    3.5 k
 fedora-release-notes                          noarch    27.01-1.fc27                             @fedora                    482 k
 fedora-release-workstation                    noarch    27-1                                     @fedora                    2.0 k
 fedora-rpm-macros                             noarch    26-3.fc27                                @fedora                     79  
 fedora-user-agent-chrome                      noarch                           @fedora                     18 k
 file-roller                                   x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                   3.9 M
 fluidsynth                                    x86_64    1.1.6-12.fc27                            @fedora                     33 k
 fontawesome-fonts                             noarch    4.7.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    297 k
 fontawesome-fonts-web                         noarch    4.7.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    989 k
 foomatic                                      x86_64    4.0.12-17.fc27                           @fedora                    634 k
 foomatic-db                                   noarch    4.0-54.20170503.fc27                     @fedora                    8.2 M
 foomatic-db-filesystem                        noarch    4.0-54.20170503.fc27                     @fedora                      0  
 foomatic-db-ppds                              noarch    4.0-54.20170503.fc27                     @fedora                     50 M
 fpc-srpm-macros                               noarch    1.1-3.fc27                               @fedora                    134  
 fprintd                                       x86_64    0.8.0-1.fc27                             @updates                   403 k
 fprintd-pam                                   x86_64    0.8.0-1.fc27                             @updates                    25 k
 freerdp1.2                                    x86_64    1.2.0-9.fc27                             @fedora                    3.1 M
 freerouting                                   noarch    1.2.43-6.20140513git265f040.fc27         @fedora                    1.4 M
 frei0r-plugins                                x86_64    1.6.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    5.2 M
 fros-gnome                                    noarch    1.1-13.fc27                              @fedora                     20 k
 fros-recordmydesktop                          noarch    1.1-13.fc27                              @fedora                     13 k
 ftp                                           x86_64    0.17-74.fc27                             @fedora                    100 k
 gavl                                          x86_64    1.4.0-11.fc27                            @fedora                    4.2 M
 gdbm-devel                                    x86_64    1.13-3.fc27                              @fedora                     55 k
 ghc-HTTP                                      x86_64    4000.3.5-3.fc27                          @fedora                    1.1 M
 ghc-JuicyPixels                               x86_64    3.2.8-3.fc27                             @fedora                    4.6 M
 ghc-QuickCheck                                x86_64    2.9.2-3.fc27                             @fedora                    1.4 M
 ghc-SHA                                       x86_64                           @fedora                    316 k
 ghc-aeson                                     x86_64                           @fedora                    5.3 M
 ghc-array                                     x86_64                          @fedora                    546 k
 ghc-attoparsec                                x86_64                          @fedora                    2.0 M
 ghc-base                                      x86_64                          @fedora                     15 M
 ghc-base-compat                               x86_64    0.9.1-6.fc27                             @fedora                     37 k
 ghc-base64-bytestring                         x86_64                          @fedora                     76 k
 ghc-binary                                    x86_64                          @fedora                    576 k
 ghc-blaze-builder                             x86_64                           @fedora                    143 k
 ghc-blaze-html                                x86_64                           @fedora                    4.9 M
 ghc-blaze-markup                              x86_64                           @fedora                    328 k
 ghc-bytestring                                x86_64                         @fedora                    998 k
 ghc-cmark                                     x86_64    0.5.5-3.fc27                             @fedora                    454 k
 ghc-conduit                                   x86_64    1.2.9-3.fc27                             @fedora                    528 k
 ghc-containers                                x86_64                          @fedora                    2.0 M
 ghc-data-default                              x86_64                           @fedora                     11 k
 ghc-data-default-class                        x86_64                           @fedora                     46 k
 ghc-data-default-instances-containers         x86_64    0.0.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                     11 k
 ghc-data-default-instances-dlist              x86_64    0.0.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                     11 k
 ghc-data-default-instances-old-locale         x86_64    0.0.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                    7.2 k
 ghc-deepseq                                   x86_64                          @fedora                     82 k
 ghc-digest                                    x86_64                          @fedora                     28 k
 ghc-directory                                 x86_64                          @fedora                    295 k
 ghc-dlist                                     x86_64                           @fedora                     78 k
 ghc-doctemplates                              x86_64                           @updates                   166 k
 ghc-enclosed-exceptions                       x86_64    1.0.2-7.fc27                             @fedora                     27 k
 ghc-exceptions                                x86_64    0.8.3-3.fc27                             @fedora                    200 k
 ghc-extensible-exceptions                     x86_64                          @fedora                    9.6 k
 ghc-filemanip                                 x86_64                           @fedora                    190 k
 ghc-filepath                                  x86_64                          @fedora                    128 k
 ghc-ghc-boot-th                               x86_64    8.0.2-59.fc27                            @fedora                    204 k
 ghc-haddock-library                           x86_64    1.4.2-3.fc27                             @fedora                    1.0 M
 ghc-hashable                                  x86_64                           @fedora                    209 k
 ghc-highlighting-kate                         x86_64    0.6.4-3.fc27                             @fedora                     13 M
 ghc-hslua                                     x86_64    0.4.1-5.fc27                             @fedora                    339 k
 ghc-integer-logarithms                        x86_64    1.0.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                     85 k
 ghc-lifted-base                               x86_64                          @fedora                     93 k
 ghc-mmorph                                    x86_64    1.0.9-3.fc27                             @fedora                    138 k
 ghc-monad-control                             x86_64                           @fedora                     94 k
 ghc-mtl                                       x86_64    2.2.1-5.fc27                             @fedora                    249 k
 ghc-network                                   x86_64                           @fedora                    893 k
 ghc-network-uri                               x86_64                           @fedora                    408 k
 ghc-old-locale                                x86_64                           @fedora                     89 k
 ghc-old-time                                  x86_64                           @fedora                    357 k
 ghc-pandoc                                    x86_64    1.19.1-3.fc27                            @fedora                     19 M
 ghc-pandoc-types                              x86_64                          @fedora                    1.9 M
 ghc-parsec                                    x86_64    3.1.11-5.fc27                            @fedora                    705 k
 ghc-pcre-light                                x86_64                           @fedora                    113 k
 ghc-pretty                                    x86_64                          @fedora                    463 k
 ghc-primitive                                 x86_64                           @fedora                    271 k
 ghc-process                                   x86_64                          @fedora                    223 k
 ghc-random                                    x86_64    1.1-5.fc27                               @fedora                    331 k
 ghc-resourcet                                 x86_64    1.1.9-3.fc27                             @fedora                    287 k
 ghc-scientific                                x86_64                          @fedora                    363 k
 ghc-semigroups                                x86_64    0.18.2-3.fc27                            @fedora                     24 k
 ghc-srpm-macros                               noarch    1.4.2-6.fc27                             @fedora                    414  
 ghc-stm                                       x86_64                           @fedora                    129 k
 ghc-syb                                       x86_64    0.6-5.fc27                               @fedora                    291 k
 ghc-tagged                                    x86_64    0.8.5-3.fc27                             @fedora                    218 k
 ghc-tagsoup                                   x86_64    0.14-3.fc27                              @fedora                    2.9 M
 ghc-template-haskell                          x86_64                         @fedora                    3.2 M
 ghc-temporary                                 x86_64                           @fedora                     36 k
 ghc-texmath                                   x86_64    0.9.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                     16 M
 ghc-text                                      x86_64                           @fedora                    2.9 M
 ghc-tf-random                                 x86_64    0.5-8.fc27                               @fedora                    198 k
 ghc-time                                      x86_64                          @fedora                    1.0 M
 ghc-time-locale-compat                        x86_64                           @fedora                    7.3 k
 ghc-transformers                              x86_64                          @fedora                    1.0 M
 ghc-transformers-base                         x86_64    0.4.4-7.fc27                             @fedora                     72 k
 ghc-transformers-compat                       x86_64                           @fedora                     32 k
 ghc-unix                                      x86_64                          @fedora                    939 k
 ghc-unix-compat                               x86_64                           @fedora                     16 k
 ghc-unordered-containers                      x86_64                           @fedora                    451 k
 ghc-utf8-string                               x86_64                           @fedora                    232 k
 ghc-vector                                    x86_64                          @fedora                    3.6 M
 ghc-xml                                       x86_64    1.3.14-6.fc27                            @fedora                    476 k
 ghc-yaml                                      x86_64                          @fedora                    751 k
 ghc-zip-archive                               x86_64                           @fedora                    348 k
 ghc-zlib                                      x86_64                           @fedora                    465 k
 ghostscript                                   x86_64    9.22-1.fc27                              @updates                     0  
 ghostscript-fonts                             noarch    5.50-37.fc27                             @fedora                    622 k
 ghostscript-x11                               x86_64    9.22-1.fc27                              @updates                    96 k
 gmime                                         x86_64    2.6.23-4.fc27                            @fedora                    565 k
 gnat-srpm-macros                              noarch    4-4.fc27                                 @fedora                    841  
 gnome-backgrounds                             noarch    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @fedora                    2.7 M
 gnome-calculator                              x86_64    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @updates                   5.0 M
 gnome-clocks                                  x86_64    3.26.1-1.fc27                            @fedora                    1.3 M
 gnome-contacts                                x86_64    3.26-1.fc27                              @fedora                    1.6 M
 gnome-disk-utility                            x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                   5.9 M
 gnome-font-viewer                             x86_64    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @fedora                    386 k
 gnome-getting-started-docs                    noarch    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                    64 M
 gnome-icon-theme                              noarch    3.12.0-7.fc27                            @fedora                    9.9 M
 gnome-initial-setup                           x86_64    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @fedora                    2.5 M
 gnome-screenshot                              x86_64    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @updates                   888 k
 gnome-shell-extension-background-logo         noarch    3.24.0-2.fc27                            @fedora                     58 k
 gnome-system-monitor                          x86_64    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @fedora                    3.7 M
 gnome-terminal                                x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                   6.8 M
 gnome-terminal-nautilus                       x86_64    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                    77 k
 gnome-tweak-tool                              noarch    3.26.3-2.fc27                            @updates                   1.3 M
 gnome-user-docs                               noarch    3.26.2-1.fc27                            @updates                    44 M
 gnome-user-share                              x86_64    3.18.3-4.fc27                            @fedora                    336 k
 gnome-video-effects                           noarch    0.4.3-2.fc27                             @fedora                    202 k
 go-srpm-macros                                noarch    2-10.fc27                                @fedora                    798  
 google-android-emoji-fonts                    noarch    1.01-0.7.20120228git.fc27                @fedora                    332 k
 google-noto-sans-lisu-fonts                   noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                    6.2 k
 google-noto-sans-mandaic-fonts                noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                     16 k
 google-noto-sans-meetei-mayek-fonts           noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                     15 k
 google-noto-sans-tagalog-fonts                noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                    6.2 k
 google-noto-sans-tai-tham-fonts               noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                     50 k
 google-noto-sans-tai-viet-fonts               noarch    20161022-4.fc27                          @fedora                     16 k
 grub2-efi-x64                                 x86_64    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                   3.4 M
 grub2-pc                                      x86_64    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                     0  
 grub2-pc-modules                              noarch    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                   2.2 M
 grub2-tools                                   x86_64    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                   8.3 M
 grub2-tools-efi                               x86_64    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                   1.8 M
 grub2-tools-extra                             x86_64    1:2.02-19.fc27                           @updates                   5.8 M
 gsound                                        x86_64    1.0.2-5.fc27                             @fedora                     72 k
 gtk-vnc2                                      x86_64    0.7.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                    210 k
 gtkmm30                                       x86_64    3.22.2-1.fc27                            @fedora                    6.0 M
 gtkspell3                                     x86_64    3.0.9-4.fc27                             @fedora                    109 k
 gvnc                                          x86_64    0.7.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                    241 k
 hexchat                                       x86_64    2.12.4-8.fc27                            @fedora                    5.0 M
 highlight                                     x86_64    3.39-3.fc27                              @fedora                    2.3 M
 htop                                          x86_64    2.0.2-4.fc27                             @fedora                    226 k
 hyperv-daemons                                x86_64    0-0.20.20170105git.fc27                  @fedora                      0  
 hyperv-daemons-license                        noarch    0-0.20.20170105git.fc27                  @fedora                     18 k
 hypervfcopyd                                  x86_64    0-0.20.20170105git.fc27                  @fedora                     11 k
 hypervkvpd                                    x86_64    0-0.20.20170105git.fc27                  @fedora                     31 k
 hypervvssd                                    x86_64    0-0.20.20170105git.fc27                  @fedora                     11 k
 ibus-hangul                                   x86_64    1.5.0-10.fc27                            @fedora                    210 k
 ibus-libpinyin                                x86_64    1.9.2-1.fc27                             @fedora                    2.6 M
 ibus-libzhuyin                                x86_64    1.8.1-1.fc27                             @updates                    28 M
 ibus-m17n                                     x86_64    1.3.4-24.fc27                            @fedora                    123 k
 ibus-qt                                       x86_64    1.3.3-15.fc27                            @fedora                    484 k
 ibus-rawcode                                  x86_64    1.3.2-11.fc27                            @fedora                     40 k
 id3lib                                        x86_64    3.8.3-41.fc27                            @fedora                    1.1 M
 iptstate                                      x86_64    2.2.6-4.fc27                             @fedora                     91 k
 ipw2100-firmware                              noarch    1.3-21.fc27                              @fedora                    604 k
 ipw2200-firmware                              noarch    3.1-14.fc27                              @fedora                    563 k
 irda-utils                                    x86_64    0.9.18-31.fc27                           @fedora                    198 k
 irqbalance                                    x86_64    2:1.2.0-4.fc27                           @fedora                     78 k
 iw                                            x86_64    4.9-3.fc27                               @fedora                    172 k
 jack-audio-connection-kit-example-clients     x86_64    1.9.10-10.fc27                           @fedora                    545 k
 javahelp2                                     noarch    2.0.05-21.fc27                           @fedora                    603 k
 js                                            x86_64    1:1.8.5-29.fc27                          @fedora                    6.3 M
 js-backbone                                   noarch    1.3.3-3.fc27                             @fedora                    130 k
 js-marked                                     noarch    0.3.2-7.fc27                             @fedora                     61 k
 js-underscore                                 noarch    1.8.3-4.fc27                             @fedora                     99 k
 jwhois                                        x86_64    4.0-50.fc27                              @fedora                    335 k
 kde-baseapps-common                           noarch    16.12.2-3.fc27                           @fedora                      0  
 kdepimlibs-gpgme                              x86_64    4.14.10-22.fc27                          @fedora                    655 k
 kdepimlibs-kxmlrpcclient                      x86_64    4.14.10-22.fc27                          @fedora                     61 k
 kdialog                                       x86_64    17.08.1-1.fc27                           @fedora                    507 k
 kernel-modules-extra                          x86_64    4.13.12-300.fc27                         @updates                   2.0 M
 kf5-gpgmepp                                   x86_64    16.08.3-8.fc27                           @fedora                    686 k
 kyotocabinet-libs                             x86_64    1.2.76-15.fc27                           @fedora                    1.0 M
 leptonica                                     x86_64    1.74.4-3.fc27                            @fedora                    2.6 M
 libXcursor-devel                              x86_64    1.1.14-10.fc27                           @fedora                     18 k
 libXrender-devel                              x86_64    0.9.10-4.fc27                            @fedora                     30 k
 libXvMC                                       x86_64    1.0.10-4.fc27                            @fedora                     36 k
 libao                                         x86_64    1.2.0-9.fc27                             @fedora                    127 k
 libcanberra-gtk2                              x86_64    0.30-15.fc27                             @fedora                     50 k
 libchamplain                                  x86_64    0.12.16-1.fc27                           @fedora                    384 k
 libcryptui                                    x86_64    3.12.2-11.fc27                           @fedora                    4.2 M
 libdb-devel                                   x86_64    5.3.28-26.fc27                           @fedora                    126 k
 libdbusmenu-gtk3                              x86_64    16.04.0-4.fc27                           @fedora                     84 k
 libgdither                                    x86_64    0.6-14.fc27                              @fedora                     41 k
 libgexiv2                                     x86_64    0.10.6-3.fc27                            @fedora                    159 k
 libgpod                                       x86_64    0.8.3-19.fc27                            @fedora                    894 k
 libguess                                      x86_64    1.2-6.fc27                               @fedora                     36 k
 libhangul                                     x86_64    0.1.0-15.fc27                            @fedora                    6.3 M
 libhbaapi                                     x86_64    2.2.9-11.fc27                            @fedora                     49 k
 libhbalinux                                   x86_64    1.0.17-6.fc27                            @fedora                     73 k
 libid3tag                                     x86_64    0.15.1b-24.fc27                          @fedora                    125 k
 liblouis                                      x86_64    2.6.2-12.fc27                            @updates                   6.1 M
 liblove                                       x86_64    0.10.2-8.fc27                            @fedora                    2.7 M
 libmikmod                                     x86_64                          @updates                   363 k
 libmimic                                      x86_64    1.0.4-10.fc27                            @rpmfusion-free             83 k
 libmusicbrainz5                               x86_64    5.1.0-8.fc27                             @fedora                    590 k
 libmx                                         x86_64    1.4.7-20.fc27                            @fedora                    982 k
 libnatpmp                                     x86_64    20150609-5.fc27                          @fedora                     27 k
 libpinyin                                     x86_64    2.1.0-1.fc27                             @fedora                    1.0 M
 libpinyin-data                                x86_64    2.1.0-1.fc27                             @fedora                     35 M
 libpng12                                      x86_64    1.2.57-4.fc27                            @fedora                    443 k
 libpskc                                       x86_64    2.6.1-5.fc27                             @fedora                     81 k
 libqhull                                      x86_64    2015.2-4.fc27                            @fedora                    370 k
 librcc                                        x86_64    0.2.12-10.fc27                           @fedora                    227 k
 librcd                                        x86_64    0.1.14-9.fc27                            @fedora                    257 k
 libsysfs                                      x86_64    2.1.0-22.fc27                            @fedora                    145 k
 libtxc_dxtn                                   x86_64    1:1.0.1-3.gitef072983.fc27               @rpmfusion-free-updates     20 k
 libuser-python                                x86_64    0.62-9.fc27                              @fedora                     66 k
 libva-intel-driver                            x86_64    1.8.3-2.fc27                             @rpmfusion-free            4.1 M
 libvdpau                                      i686      1.1.1-6.fc27                             @fedora                     79 k
 libwvstreams                                  x86_64    4.6.1-21.fc27                            @fedora                    2.0 M
 libyui                                        x86_64    3.3.3-1.fc27                             @fedora                    756 k
 libyui-gtk                                    x86_64    2.44.9-9.fc27                            @fedora                    763 k
 libyui-mga                                    x86_64    1.0.8-0.13.gita6a160e.20160313.fc27      @fedora                     93 k
 libyui-mga-gtk                                x86_64    1.0.2-0.14.git22f2cf6.20131215.fc27      @fedora                     89 k
 libyui-mga-ncurses                            x86_64    1.0.2-0.14.git026f2e6.20131215.fc27      @fedora                    101 k
 libyui-mga-qt                                 x86_64    1.0.3-0.14.gitb508e88.20140119.fc27      @fedora                     93 k
 libyui-ncurses                                x86_64    2.48.3-2.fc27                            @fedora                    1.1 M
 libyui-qt                                     x86_64    2.47.1-10.fc27                           @fedora                    1.1 M
 libzhuyin                                     x86_64    2.1.0-1.fc27                             @fedora                    979 k
 linux-atm                                     x86_64    2.5.1-19.fc27                            @fedora                    1.3 M
 lklug-fonts                                   noarch    0.6-16.20090803cvs.fc27                  @fedora                    322 k
 lohit-assamese-fonts                          noarch    2.91.5-2.fc27                            @fedora                    142 k
 lohit-bengali-fonts                           noarch    2.91.5-2.fc27                            @fedora                    142 k
 lohit-gujarati-fonts                          noarch    2.92.4-2.fc27                            @fedora                     82 k
 lohit-gurmukhi-fonts                          noarch    2.91.2-2.fc27                            @fedora                     37 k
 lohit-kannada-fonts                           noarch    2.5.4-2.fc27                             @fedora                    202 k
 lohit-odia-fonts                              noarch    2.91.2-2.fc27                            @fedora                     94 k
 lohit-tamil-fonts                             noarch    2.91.3-2.fc27                            @fedora                     59 k
 love                                          x86_64    0.10.2-8.fc27                            @fedora                    253 k
 luajit                                        x86_64    2.1.0-0.6beta3.fc27                      @fedora                    1.2 M
 mactel-boot                                   x86_64    0.9-16.fc27                              @fedora                     27 k
 man-pages                                     noarch    4.12-1.fc27                              @fedora                    5.5 M
 mathjax                                       noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     25 M
 mathjax-ams-fonts                             noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    267 k
 mathjax-caligraphic-fonts                     noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     98 k
 mathjax-fraktur-fonts                         noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    225 k
 mathjax-main-fonts                            noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    558 k
 mathjax-math-fonts                            noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    348 k
 mathjax-sansserif-fonts                       noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    240 k
 mathjax-script-fonts                          noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     60 k
 mathjax-size1-fonts                           noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     37 k
 mathjax-size2-fonts                           noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     34 k
 mathjax-size3-fonts                           noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     16 k
 mathjax-size4-fonts                           noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     29 k
 mathjax-typewriter-fonts                      noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    106 k
 mathjax-winchrome-fonts                       noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    8.9 k
 mathjax-winie6-fonts                          noarch    2.7.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     56 k
 mlocate                                       x86_64    0.26-18.fc27                             @fedora                    375 k
 moc                                           x86_64    2.6-0.19.alpha3.fc27                     @rpmfusion-free            614 k
 mod_dnssd                                     x86_64    0.6-17.fc27                              @fedora                     53 k
 mousetweaks                                   x86_64    3.12.0-8.fc27                            @fedora                    480 k
 mpage                                         x86_64    2.5.7-3.fc27                             @fedora                    133 k
 mtools                                        x86_64    4.0.18-13.fc27                           @fedora                    331 k
 mtr                                           x86_64    2:0.87-6.fc27                            @fedora                    135 k
 nano                                          x86_64    2.8.7-1.fc27                             @fedora                    2.1 M
 nautilus-image-converter                      x86_64    0.3.1-0.13.git430afce31.fc27             @fedora                    114 k
 naver-nanum-fonts-common                      noarch    3.020-18.20140930.fc27                   @fedora                     44 k
 naver-nanum-gothic-fonts                      noarch    3.020-18.20140930.fc27                   @fedora                     14 M
 ncurses-c++-libs                              x86_64    6.0-13.20170722.fc27                     @fedora                    135 k
 ncurses-devel                                 x86_64    6.0-13.20170722.fc27                     @fedora                    806 k
 net-tools                                     x86_64    2.0-0.44.20160912git.fc27                @fedora                    912 k
 newt-python3                                  x86_64    0.52.20-3.fc27                           @fedora                    145 k
 nodejs-requirejs                              noarch    2.1.11-7.fc27                            @fedora                    1.1 M
 nodejs-underscore                             noarch    1.8.3-4.fc27                             @fedora                    100 k
 ntsysv                                        x86_64    1.10-3.fc27                              @fedora                     40 k
 numactl                                       x86_64    2.0.11-5.fc27                            @fedora                    137 k
 ocaml-srpm-macros                             noarch    5-2.fc27                                 @fedora                    737  
 openblas                                      x86_64    0.2.20-3.fc27                            @fedora                     34 M
 openblas-srpm-macros                          noarch    2-2.fc27                                 @fedora                    104  
 openblas-threads                              x86_64    0.2.20-3.fc27                            @fedora                     35 M
 opencc                                        x86_64    1.0.3-5.fc27                             @fedora                    5.0 M
 openconnect                                   x86_64    7.08-4.fc27                              @fedora                    2.4 M
 openpgm                                       x86_64    5.2.122-10.fc27                          @fedora                    317 k
 orca                                          noarch    3.26.0-1.fc27                            @fedora                     14 M
 os-prober                                     x86_64    1.74-3.fc27                              @fedora                    103 k
 oxygen-fonts                                  x86_64    5.4.3-6.fc27                             @fedora                      0  
 p7zip                                         x86_64    16.02-5.fc27                             @fedora                    2.0 M
 p7zip-plugins                                 x86_64    16.02-5.fc27                             @fedora                    2.8 M
 pam_krb5                                      x86_64    2.4.13-7.fc27                            @fedora                    414 k
 pandoc                                        x86_64    1.19.1-3.fc27                            @fedora                    928 k
 paps                                          x86_64    0.6.8-39.fc27                            @fedora                     58 k
 paps-libs                                     x86_64    0.6.8-39.fc27                            @fedora                     40 k
 passwdqc                                      x86_64    1.3.0-9.fc27                             @fedora                     53 k
 passwdqc-lib                                  x86_64    1.3.0-9.fc27                             @fedora                     48 k
 pavucontrol                                   x86_64    3.0-10.fc27                              @fedora                    835 k
 pcmciautils                                   x86_64    018-13.fc27                              @fedora                     62 k
 perl-B-Lint                                   noarch    1.20-10.fc27                             @fedora                     30 k
 perl-CGI                                      noarch    4.37-1.fc27                              @updates                   538 k
 perl-Class-ISA                                noarch    0.36-1021.fc27                           @fedora                     13 k
 perl-File-CheckTree                           noarch    4.42-300.fc27                            @fedora                     28 k
 perl-Module-Pluggable                         noarch    2:5.2-6.fc27                             @fedora                     54 k
 perl-Pod-LaTeX                                noarch    0.61-301.fc27                            @fedora                     84 k
 perl-Pod-Plainer                              noarch    1.04-6.fc27                              @fedora                    5.1 k
 perl-Text-Soundex                             x86_64    3.05-7.fc27                              @fedora                     47 k
 perl-Text-Unidecode                           noarch    1.30-4.fc27                              @fedora                    449 k
 perl-srpm-macros                              noarch    1-24.fc27                                @fedora                    794  
 pinentry-gnome3                               x86_64    0.9.7-4.fc27                             @fedora                     69 k
 pinfo                                         x86_64    0.6.10-15.fc27                           @fedora                    300 k
 plymouth                                      x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                    235 k
 plymouth-core-libs                            x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                    210 k
 plymouth-graphics-libs                        x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                     70 k
 plymouth-plugin-label                         x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                     15 k
 plymouth-plugin-two-step                      x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                     35 k
 plymouth-scripts                              x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                     22 k
 plymouth-system-theme                         x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                      0  
 plymouth-theme-charge                         x86_64    0.9.3-0.9.20160620git0e65b86c.fc27       @fedora                    3.5 k
 portaudio                                     x86_64    19-26.fc27                               @fedora                    254 k
 portmidi                                      x86_64    217-17.fc27                              @fedora                     47 k
 powertop                                      x86_64    2.9-3.fc27                               @fedora                    601 k
 pptp                                          x86_64    1.9.0-4.fc27                             @fedora                    144 k
 psacct                                        x86_64    6.6.2-7.fc27                             @fedora                    199 k
 pygame                                        x86_64    1.9.3-3.fc27                             @fedora                    8.1 M
 pyparsing                                     noarch    2.1.10-4.fc27                            @fedora                      0  
 python-chardet                                noarch    3.0.4-2.fc27                             @fedora                    906 k
 python-gssapi                                 x86_64    1.2.0-7.fc27                             @fedora                    1.6 M
 python-matplotlib-data                        noarch    2.0.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    2.5 M
 python-matplotlib-data-fonts                  noarch    2.0.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    7.9 M
 python-mistune                                x86_64    0.7.3-6.fc27                             @fedora                    656 k
 python-pathlib                                noarch    1.0.1-5.fc27                             @fedora                    723 k
 python-pwquality                              x86_64    1.4.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                     20 k
 python-qt5                                    x86_64    5.9-8.fc27                               @updates                   6.1 M
 python-qt5-base                               x86_64    5.9-8.fc27                               @updates                    14 M
 python-qt5-rpm-macros                         noarch    5.9-8.fc27                               @updates                   137  
 python-subprocess32                           x86_64    3.2.6-8.fc27                             @fedora                    205 k
 python2-Bottleneck                            x86_64    1.2.1-3.fc27                             @fedora                    459 k
 python2-babel                                 noarch    2.3.4-6.fc27                             @fedora                     20 M
 python2-backports-shutil_get_terminal_size    noarch    1.0.0-4.fc27                             @fedora                     10 k
 python2-backports_abc                         noarch    0.5-4.fc27                               @fedora                     30 k
 python2-cycler                                noarch    0.10.0-4.fc27                            @fedora                     36 k
 python2-dateutil                              noarch    1:2.6.0-4.fc27                           @fedora                    609 k
 python2-entrypoints                           noarch    0.2.3-2.fc27                             @fedora                    525 k
 python2-functools32                           noarch                           @fedora                     71 k
 python2-ipykernel                             noarch    4.6.0-2.fc27                             @fedora                    656 k
 python2-ipython                               noarch    5.5.0-1.fc27                             @fedora                    3.5 M
 python2-jinja2                                noarch    2.9.6-2.fc27                             @fedora                    3.6 M
 python2-jupyter-client                        noarch    4.4.0-5.fc27                             @fedora                    542 k
 python2-markupsafe                            x86_64    0.23-16.fc27                             @fedora                     83 k
 python2-matplotlib                            x86_64    2.0.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                     14 M
 python2-matplotlib-tk                         x86_64    2.0.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    115 k
 python2-nbconvert                             noarch    5.2.1-4.fc27                             @fedora                    1.4 M
 python2-nose                                  noarch    1.3.7-15.fc27                            @fedora                    1.1 M
 python2-notebook                              noarch    5.1.0-1.fc27                             @fedora                     18 M
 python2-numexpr                               x86_64    2.6.1-7.fc27                             @fedora                    1.3 M
 python2-numpy                                 x86_64    1:1.13.3-2.fc27                          @updates                    17 M
 python2-numpy-f2py                            x86_64    1:1.13.3-2.fc27                          @updates                   1.1 M
 python2-pandas                                x86_64    0.20.1-3.fc27                            @fedora                     52 M
 python2-pandas-datareader                     noarch    0.3.0-2.post0.fc27                       @fedora                    453 k
 python2-pandocfilters                         noarch    1.4.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                     61 k
 python2-path                                  noarch    5.2-10.fc27                              @fedora                    254 k
 python2-pexpect                               noarch    4.2.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    517 k
 python2-pickleshare                           noarch    0.7.4-6.fc27                             @fedora                     24 k
 python2-prompt_toolkit                        noarch    1.0.14-2.fc27                            @fedora                    2.4 M
 python2-ptyprocess                            noarch    0.5.2-2.fc27                             @fedora                     68 k
 python2-pygments                              noarch    2.2.0-8.fc27                             @fedora                    8.0 M
 python2-pyparsing                             noarch    2.1.10-4.fc27                            @fedora                    542 k
 python2-qtconsole                             noarch    4.3.0-2.fc27                             @fedora                    800 k
 python2-requests                              noarch    2.18.4-1.fc27                            @fedora                    437 k
 python2-requests-file                         noarch    1.4-7.fc27                               @fedora                    9.8 k
 python2-scipy                                 x86_64    0.19.1-6.fc27                            @updates                    49 M
 python2-simplegeneric                         noarch    0.8.1-7.fc27                             @fedora                     25 k
 python2-singledispatch                        noarch                           @fedora                     46 k
 python2-tables                                x86_64    3.3.0-6.fc27                             @fedora                    7.7 M
 python2-terminado                             noarch    0.6-3.fc27                               @fedora                     79 k
 python2-testpath                              noarch    0.3.1-1.fc27                             @fedora                     47 k
 python2-tornado                               x86_64    4.5.2-2.fc27                             @updates                   4.0 M
 python2-wcwidth                               noarch    0.1.7-4.fc27                             @fedora                     85 k
 python2-xlwt                                  noarch    1.1.2-3.fc27                             @fedora                    1.2 M
 python2-zmq                                   x86_64    16.0.2-5.fc27                            @fedora                    1.6 M
 python3-PyYAML                                x86_64    3.12-5.fc27                              @fedora                    734 k
 python3-beaker                                noarch    1.5.4-17.fc27                            @fedora                    339 k
 python3-dnfdaemon                             noarch    0.3.18-4.fc27                            @fedora                     69 k
 python3-louis                                 noarch    2.6.2-12.fc27                            @updates                    22 k
 python3-mako                                  noarch    1.0.6-4.fc27                             @fedora                    729 k
 python3-markupsafe                            x86_64    0.23-16.fc27                             @fedora                     93 k
 python3-numpy                                 x86_64    1:1.13.3-2.fc27                          @updates                    16 M
 python3-pyasn1                                noarch    0.3.2-2.fc27                             @fedora                    516 k
 python3-pygpgme                               x86_64    0.3-25.fc27                              @fedora                    296 k
 python3-pystray                               noarch    0.14.3-2.fc27                            @fedora                    244 k
 python3-sh                                    noarch    1.12.14-2.fc27                           @fedora                    288 k
 python3-speechd                               x86_64    0.8.8-1.fc27                             @updates                   194 k
 python3-vlc                                   noarch    1.1.2-5.20161001git5d389c7.fc27          @rpmfusion-free            966 k
 python3-xlib                                  noarch    0.19-2.fc27                              @fedora                    1.1 M
 python3-yui                                   x86_64    1.1.2-6.fc27                             @fedora                    2.6 M
 pytz                                          noarch    2017.2-2.fc27                            @fedora                    185 k
 qt3                                           x86_64    3.3.8b-71.fc27                           @fedora                     11 M
 qt5-qtconnectivity                            x86_64    5.9.2-1.fc27                             @updates                   1.5 M
 qt5-qtenginio                                 x86_64    1:1.6.2-8.fc27                           @fedora                    580 k
 qt5-qtserialport                              x86_64    5.9.2-1.fc27                             @updates                   298 k
 qt5-qttools-libs-help                         x86_64    5.9.2-1.fc27                             @updates                   466 k
 qt5-qtwebsockets                              x86_64    5.9.2-1.fc27                             @updates                   195 k
 qt5-srpm-macros                               noarch    5.9.1-2.fc27                             @fedora                    492  
 rdist                                         x86_64    1:6.1.5-65.fc27                          @fedora                    200 k
 recordmydesktop                               x86_64                          @fedora                    128 k
 redhat-lsb                                    x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                      0  
 redhat-lsb-cxx                                x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                      0  
 redhat-lsb-desktop                            x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                      0  
 redhat-lsb-languages                          x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                    814  
 redhat-lsb-printing                           x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                      0  
 redhat-lsb-submod-multimedia                  x86_64    4.1-36.fc27                              @fedora                      0  
 redhat-rpm-config                             noarch    67-1.fc27                                @fedora                     98 k
 rfkill                                        x86_64    0.5-10.fc27                              @fedora                     13 k
 rhythmbox                                     x86_64    3.4.2-1.fc27                             @fedora                     15 M
 rng-tools                                     x86_64    6-1.fc27                                 @fedora                     83 k
 rootfiles                                     noarch    8.1-21.fc27                              @fedora                    599  
 rpmfusion-free-release                        noarch    27-1                                     @rpmfusion-free            8.7 k
 rpmfusion-nonfree-release                     noarch    27-1                                     @rpmfusion-nonfree         8.8 k
 rsh                                           x86_64    0.17-84.fc27                             @fedora                     91 k
 rust-srpm-macros                              noarch    4-3.fc27                                 @fedora                    1.1 k
 sane-backends-daemon                          x86_64    1.0.27-5.fc27                            @fedora                     44 k
 sbcl                                          x86_64    1.4.0-1.fc27                             @updates                    83 M
 scl-utils                                     x86_64    1:2.0.2-3.fc27                           @fedora                     61 k
 seahorse                                      x86_64    3.20.0-6.fc27                            @fedora                    5.9 M
 setuptool                                     x86_64    1.19.11-14.fc27                          @fedora                    145 k
 sg3_utils-libs                                x86_64    1.42-3.fc27                              @fedora                    198 k
 sil-nuosu-fonts                               noarch    2.1.1-13.fc27                            @fedora                    513 k
 sil-padauk-fonts                              noarch    3.002-2.fc27                             @fedora                    1.5 M
 sip                                           x86_64    4.19.3-4.fc27                            @fedora                    401 k
 smartmontools                                 x86_64    1:6.5-5.fc27                             @fedora                    1.7 M
 smc-fonts-common                              noarch    6.1-8.fc27                               @fedora                    3.7 k
 smc-meera-fonts                               noarch    6.1-8.fc27                               @fedora                    335 k
 sos                                           noarch    3.4-2.fc27                               @fedora                    1.6 M
 speech-dispatcher                             x86_64    0.8.8-1.fc27                             @updates                   1.8 M
 speech-dispatcher-espeak                      x86_64    0.8.8-1.fc27                             @updates                   101 k
 spice-vdagent                                 x86_64    0.17.0-4.fc27                            @fedora                    151 k
 stoken-libs                                   x86_64    0.91-4.fc27                              @fedora                     85 k
 stunnel                                       x86_64    5.42-1.fc27                              @fedora                    288 k
 sushi                                         x86_64    3.24.0-3.fc27                            @fedora                    315 k
 symlinks                                      x86_64    1.4-16.fc27                              @fedora                     17 k
 syslinux                                      x86_64    6.04-0.5.fc27                            @fedora                    1.0 M
 syslinux-extlinux                             x86_64    6.04-0.5.fc27                            @fedora                    203 k
 syslinux-extlinux-nonlinux                    noarch    6.04-0.5.fc27                            @fedora                    971 k
 syslinux-nonlinux                             noarch    6.04-0.5.fc27                            @fedora                    1.5 M
 system-config-keyboard                        noarch    1.4.0-12.fc27                            @fedora                     40 k
 system-config-keyboard-base                   noarch    1.4.0-12.fc27                            @fedora                    469 k
 system-config-printer-udev                    x86_64    1.5.9-7.fc27                             @fedora                     45 k
 system-config-users                           noarch    1.3.8-4.fc27                             @fedora                    1.8 M
 tabish-eeyek-fonts                            noarch    1.0-11.fc27                              @fedora                     32 k
 talk                                          x86_64    0.17-54.fc27                             @fedora                     32 k
 tcpdump                                       x86_64    14:4.9.1-3.fc27                          @fedora                    1.2 M
 telnet                                        x86_64    1:0.17-71.fc27                           @fedora                    113 k
 texlive-base                                  noarch    6:2016-36.20160520.fc27.5                @fedora                    8.2 M
 texlive-dvipng                                noarch    6:svn40768-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                     23 k
 texlive-dvipng-bin                            x86_64    6:svn40473-36.20160520.fc27.5            @fedora                    111 k
 texlive-hyphen-base                           noarch    6:svn41138-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                     63 k
 texlive-kpathsea                              noarch    6:svn41139-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                    215 k
 texlive-kpathsea-bin                          x86_64    6:svn40473-36.20160520.fc27.5            @fedora                     83 k
 texlive-lib                                   x86_64    6:2016-36.20160520.fc27.5                @fedora                    930 k
 texlive-metafont                              noarch    6:svn40793-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                    352 k
 texlive-metafont-bin                          x86_64    6:svn40987-36.20160520.fc27.5            @fedora                    622 k
 texlive-tetex                                 noarch    6:svn41059-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                    314 k
 texlive-tetex-bin                             noarch    6:svn36770.0-36.20160520.fc27.5          @fedora                      0  
 texlive-texlive.infra                         noarch    6:svn41280-36.fc27.5                     @fedora                    486 k
 texlive-texlive.infra-bin                     x86_64    6:svn40312-36.20160520.fc27.5            @fedora                      0  
 tlp                                           noarch    1.0-3.fc27                               @fedora                    223 k
 tlp-rdw                                       noarch    1.0-3.fc27                               @fedora                     30 k
 totem                                         x86_64    1:3.26.0-1.fc27                          @fedora                    7.5 M
 totem-nautilus                                x86_64    1:3.26.0-1.fc27                          @fedora                     35 k
 traceroute                                    x86_64    3:2.1.0-5.fc27                           @fedora                     99 k
 transmission-common                           x86_64    2.92-8.fc27                              @fedora                    3.0 M
 transmission-gtk                              x86_64    2.92-8.fc27                              @fedora                    3.1 M
 uboot-tools                                   x86_64    2017.09-4.fc27                           @fedora                    1.3 M
 unrar                                         x86_64    5.5.5-2.fc27                             @rpmfusion-nonfree         306 k
 usbutils                                      x86_64    008-9.fc27                               @fedora                    273 k
 usermode-gtk                                  x86_64    1.111-12.fc27                            @fedora                    227 k
 ustr                                          x86_64    1.0.4-24.fc27                            @fedora                    287 k
 vamp-plugin-sdk                               x86_64    2.5-11.fc27                              @fedora                    490 k
 vconfig                                       x86_64    1.9-21.fc27                              @fedora                     56 k
 vinagre                                       x86_64    3.22.0-6.fc27                            @fedora                    3.8 M
 vpnc                                          x86_64    0.5.3-30.svn550.fc27                     @fedora                    195 k
 vpnc-script                                   noarch    20171004-1.git6f87b0f.fc27               @fedora                     26 k
 wireless-tools                                x86_64    1:29-17.1.fc27                           @fedora                    237 k
 words                                         noarch    3.0-27.fc27                              @fedora                    4.7 M
 wvdial                                        x86_64    1.61-17.fc27                             @fedora                    246 k
 xbacklight                                    x86_64    1.2.1-6.fc27                             @fedora                     28 k
 xclip                                         x86_64    0.13-4.fc27                              @fedora                     49 k
 xdg-user-dirs-gtk                             x86_64    0.10-12.fc27                             @fedora                    193 k
 xorg-x11-drv-ati                              x86_64    7.9.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    496 k
 xorg-x11-drv-evdev                            x86_64    2.10.5-4.fc27                            @fedora                     73 k
 xorg-x11-drv-fbdev                            x86_64    0.4.3-28.fc27                            @fedora                     25 k
 xorg-x11-drv-intel                            x86_64    2.99.917-31.20171025.fc27                @updates                   2.0 M
 xorg-x11-drv-nouveau                          x86_64    1:1.0.15-3.fc27                          @fedora                    215 k
 xorg-x11-drv-openchrome                       x86_64    0.6.0-3.fc27                             @fedora                    542 k
 xorg-x11-drv-qxl                              x86_64    0.1.5-5.fc27                             @fedora                    183 k
 xorg-x11-drv-vesa                             x86_64    2.3.2-28.fc27                            @fedora                     29 k
 xorg-x11-drv-vmware                           x86_64    13.2.1-4.fc27                            @fedora                    172 k
 xorg-x11-drv-wacom                            x86_64    0.35.0-3.fc27                            @fedora                    1.0 M
 xournal                                       x86_64    0.4.8-9.fc27                             @fedora                    842 k
 zd1211-firmware                               noarch    1.4-14.fc27                              @fedora                     64 k
 zeromq                                        x86_64    4.1.6-2.fc26                             @fedora                    671 k
 zip                                           x86_64    3.0-20.fc27                              @fedora                    808 k
 zsh                                           x86_64    5.4.1-1.fc27                             @fedora                    6.6 M

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