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2015-03-27 13:11:36 -0500 marked best answer can't apply a theme in fedora 19

After i updated my system using "yum update" and rebooted the loki theme i had installed was gone(the standard fedora19 theme was being used).

But when i checked my themes in system settings it still showed as applied, i tried installing another theme, or using the default cinnamon theme but nothing seems to work. I'm still pretty new to linux (been using it for a few months now but i really enjoy it.) so i rly dont have a clue what this could be.

i tried installing cinnamon again with yum, because i thought cinnamon was just removed or broken or w/e, but it just told me my cinnamon was already installed and up to date.

if anyone could help me with this i would be really grateful.

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2015-01-13 19:34:47 -0500 marked best answer "ghost" screen connected with vga to laptop

my fedora 20 thinks there is a second screen connected(via vga) to my laptop, but there really isnt.

[tom@faptop ~]$ xrandr Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2944 x 1080, maximum 8192 x 8192 LVDS1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 344mm x 194mm 1920x1080
60.0+ 1400x1050 60.0 1280x1024 60.0 1280x960
60.0 1024x768 60.0 800x600 60.3 56.2
640x480 59.9 VGA1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) HDMI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) DP1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) VGA-1-2 connected 1024x768+1920+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm
1024x768 60.0
60.3 56.2 848x480 60.0 640x480 59.9 1024x768 (0x63) 65.0MHz h: width 1024 start 1048 end 1184 total 1344 skew 0 clock
48.4KHz v: height 768 start 771 end 777 total 806 clock
60.0Hz 800x600 (0x64) 40.0MHz h: width 800 start 840 end 968 total 1056 skew 0 clock
37.9KHz v: height 600 start 601 end 605 total 628 clock
60.3Hz 800x600 (0x65) 36.0MHz h: width 800 start 824 end 896 total 1024 skew 0 clock
35.2KHz v: height 600 start 601 end 603 total 625 clock

I noticed this first when my workspaces icons were showing an extra space as if i was using dual screens, and when taking a desktop screenshot: (dual screen pic)

when i open up the displays menu, it says "could not get screen information".

any idea of how to fix this?

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2014-01-26 04:50:51 -0500 commented question Issues with installing skype on Fedora 20

it "could be" a real question sure, the fact is still, this guy is part of a few spam accounts created on this site since recently and in fact, is not a real question, just mere spam, like the "question" about windows media player floating above in the site atm, and the "guy" reacting to it like he's trying to help with a windows issue, on this site...

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this also isnt a real question, hence my response. and i did flag it

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2014-01-25 04:48:12 -0500 answered a question Issues with installing skype on Fedora 20

can people be banned for spam? because i saw this guy posting about 3 IDENTICAL questions before i went to bed 13 hours ago. and now he's at it again, with a huge spam error log.

2014-01-25 04:46:28 -0500 commented answer Is updating software using fedup recommended?

because i wanted to be a little more specific on what he should do exactly to update with yum , answer wise, since this a fairly new user i would assume.(so using sudo is alot more recomended than su to root first if he would feel the need to)

2014-01-24 05:25:26 -0500 asked a question unable to login in cinnamon

I was messing around with the shortcut 'super+p' in cinnamon, which bassicly showed my screen in other resolutions(and sizes) like 3 different ones in a row. i had a previous problem with a ghost screen? which i eventually solved by going to the right settings in the displays menu, selecting the other screen and disabling it there.

i kept swapping untill i was on the normal "screen" again, it showed the login screen. when i tried logging into my cinnamon desktop it "flashed" and asked for my login again(endless loop).

rebooting did not help, however, i can login to my gnome desktop(thankfully)

but i do prefer using cinnamon for various reasons, so i would like this to be solved somehow.

please ask if you require more info

EDIT: my system info

i'm running fedora20 Linux 3.12.7-300.fc20.x86_64 main desktop env was cinnamon(untill it stopped working) for now using gnome Asus laptop with intel graphics and nvidia geforce GT550M running dual boot fedora and windows.

2014-01-23 13:06:42 -0500 commented answer Can anyone helpme to install LAMP in fedora 20

so is this working for you or not?

2014-01-23 12:28:10 -0500 commented answer Can anyone helpme to install LAMP in fedora 20

run 'yum remove php* -y' and see if there are still any remi packages remaining. if they're all gone, proceed to installing php again the way I proposed in my answer above. the problem here is you're trying to install certain php packages while your (mess) leftovers of a failed php installation are conflicting with what you're trying to install.

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2014-01-23 12:21:48 -0500 commented question php installation error in fedora 20

dude. stop making new questions about the same thing. stick to your question that's already active(you even have a pending request there for yum output..) the problem is in the remi packages. focus on that for now

2014-01-23 09:51:02 -0500 answered a question Can anyone helpme to install LAMP in fedora 20

try installing step by step, to get a better view on what actually installs, and works, and what doesnt.

what i did first:

2. Yum update
3. yum install httpd
4. service httpd start **or** systemctl enable httpd.service
5. yum install php php-common
6. yum install php-pecl-apc php-cli php-pear php-pdo php-mysqlnd
7. (make a page in /var/www/html/test.php <? phpinfo(); ?>     )
8. service httpd restart
9. service httpd status

then test if you can open that page on your localhost, (in firefox) if it says could not connect, go to your firewall settings, tab zones > public > services > make sure http is highlighted.

1. Yum install mariadb mariadb-server
2. systemctl start mysqld.service
3. mysql_secure_installation
4. yum install phpMyAdmin

follow all installation steps(mysql_secure_installation configures the root password for mariadb(which is your sql) phpAdmin is a webinterface for your management of mysql/mariadb.

for more information you could google more on these subjects.

see where this gets you and what you get/dont get and what works and what doesnt.

2014-01-22 09:58:27 -0500 answered a question Is updating software using fedup recommended?

the best way to update your system is 'sudo yum update'.

fedup is, like francisco said, only meant to upgrade your system to a higher fedora version.

2014-01-20 01:18:16 -0500 answered a question Laptop doesn't wake up after suspend.

the problem is quite "common" if only you would use the search function, there is atm literally the same question right above this one with an answer, and I've personally answered a similar questions 2 days ago.

this is either a driver issue or ahardware compatibility issue.

ps: don't ask questions or update your answer with an ANSWER, please use comment instead.

edit: i didnt realise this question was necro'd, apologies for the small rant.

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2014-01-16 05:22:21 -0500 answered a question mounting raid devices

do you have windows in dual boot next to your fedora? maybe windows somehow locked the raid drives for security or something similar.

you can try to select 'mount at startup' in the edit mount options for your disks, and see if that does work. note: it will ask for your password in order to get the necessary permissions.

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2014-01-16 05:01:28 -0500 commented answer Which features do you want in Ask Fedora?

@anishjp the template would then need an option to specify whether it is a software or hardware problem, or both. because sometimes posting your specs is not relevant or useful for the problem.

2014-01-16 03:37:32 -0500 answered a question Tiny Application Buttons [Fedora 20,Gnome]

i would say this is because you are running a 2560*1440 resolution on a 13,3" screen. a high resolution on a very small screen in this case makes icons etc very small, in order to fit everything on the screen without being cluttered.

unless you know this could be fixed otherwise, or you dont want to concede your high resolution, try running 1920*1080(which is still an HD resolution, specially on your screen size) and check if your icons have "grown".

maybe someone else can help you out more since other icons do seem to be "normal".

2014-01-15 11:30:20 -0500 answered a question What path should I take to proceed to a higher version than fedora17?

you cant upgrade from F17 to F20 with fedup, this is only possible from F18, so i would suggest backing up your home folder, fresh installing F20, and restoring your home backup.

2014-01-14 10:29:12 -0500 commented answer Fedora 20 doesn't resume from suspend or hibernate

i had the "same" problem in fedora 18 i think, tho i have no idea how it got fixed, i stopped using it for a while since it didnt exactly help me out alot, in the meantime i upgraded to fedora 19 and messed around with different video drivers. after a while i tried it again and it went smoothly then, so i can only assume this is in fact a video driver issue. you can try installing ATI drivers with this tool: tho i cant vouch if this is a 100% safe/failproof

2014-01-14 09:36:54 -0500 answered a question Fedora 20 doesn't resume from suspend or hibernate

you can try to reinstall your video driver, or another driver for your graphics card.

2014-01-14 02:50:23 -0500 commented answer YUM: What is the equivalent to Debian's apt-get autoremove?

charles is wrong, you can use yum autoremove just fine.

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2014-01-13 08:57:24 -0500 answered a question RPM packages installed via terminal don't appear in Fedora 20 "Software" app to remove them...why?

If im not mistaken the software center only installs "full" applications, not seperate packages, so it would make sense if you are unable to un-install packages as well.

if youare unsure whether everything is removed you could try sudo yum remove libreoffice (assuming libreoffice is your mentioned package name here) and then to be sure you get rid of unnecessary dependencies sudo yum autoremove

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2014-01-10 06:47:44 -0500 answered a question Fedora Workstation: How much space needed for root partition (/) ?

15 or 20GB should suffice, i currently use about 10.2GB in my root, I've upgraded my fedora twice (F18->F19 and then F19-F20) installed plenty of software etc.

2014-01-10 04:19:30 -0500 commented answer Where can I get updates for Fedora 14?

@Bithawk, no its not possible to upgrade to F20 from F14, if im not mistaken thats only possible from F18 or higher , since the difference between F14 and F20 is rather significant. your best bet would be fresh installing F20 from a bootable disk or usb, just install it on your current F14 partition and it should keep your windows xp partition unless you choose to delete it yourself. grub should still recognize your win xp partition and keep it as a boot option, tho maybe you could look into updating, or changing your grub, depending on what you want.

2014-01-08 12:03:55 -0500 commented answer Where can I get updates for Fedora 14?

in answer to "bpawanchand06" , fedora releases a new version of the os every 6 months rather consistently, if you want updates, support etc, yes. you should probably upgrade at least every year, or every 6 months, as most users do imo. you can easily upgrade your fedora straight from terminal with fedup(more info on this will be in the fedora wiki) upgrading fedora to the new version is ALOT easier and less hassle than when you would upgrade your windows.

2014-01-08 11:54:38 -0500 commented question Fedora 20 Theme not applied

the way they explain it in the link you provided is bassicly how you do it, tho since you're new you probably dont really know how to do all that in the terminal, i suggest learning more about the different cmds and ways to edit / move / add /install files using cmd line in terminal before attempting to alter your grub. or find a really thorough step by step literal guide on how to do it.

2014-01-06 10:13:55 -0500 commented question changed spelling to French, won't go back to English

have you tried uninstalling the french spellchecker in your browsers? i also highly doubt that this has anything to do with your gnome settings, since its a browser issue