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Come and Flock to Fedora in Budapest this August!

Hello everyone! Flock will be held in Budapest this year, in August. We’d love to have you there. Please refer to the website for more information: Cheers!

3 May 10, 2019
What Can I Do to start Contributing to the Fedora Project?

What option do I have to Start to Contributing in Fedora? Regards.,

3 April 25, 2019
About the on contributing to Fedora category 1 February 26, 2019
What Can I do With My Fedora account (FAS)? 3 May 20, 2019
How can I test updates and provide karma? 3 May 16, 2019
Get access to translate Fedora website to Arabic 19 May 16, 2019
Donating 5 minutes of your time to help the Linux Vendor Firmware System (LVFS) 1 May 13, 2019
Contribute at the Fedora Test Week for kernel 5.1 1 May 13, 2019
LinuxCabal, A.C. en Guadalajara, México 1 May 12, 2019
[Systemd] Issue shutdown timeout concerning systemd 2 May 11, 2019
چگونه در ترجمه فدورا به فارسی مشارکت کنیم؟ 1 April 22, 2019
How do I write about Free/Open source to spread information to new Fedora users? 7 April 28, 2019
Please spend a minute to test upgrading to Fedora 30 6 April 17, 2019
Good issues for newcomers to work on: easyfix tickets from everywhere in the community! 1 April 15, 2019
Easy contribution opportunity: Help test Fedora 30 Beta! 1 April 3, 2019
Easy contribution opportunity: working on Quick Docs! 3 April 3, 2019