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How to enable touchpad gestures on Fedora 25 (wayland)?

asked 2017-01-23 13:11:32 +0000

kerrari gravatar image

Hello all,

I have been trying to enable 3 and 4 finger gestures on my Dell XPS laptop. I have installed libinput-gestures and tried it with both default and custom user configurations, however I couldn't manage to get it working. I don't know if it is related with the recent display manager Wayland functions, or if I'm missing something else. I did considerable research online, but couldn't find any solution to this. Any help would be appreciated.


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answered 2017-01-25 22:28:35 +0000

whot gravatar image

GNOME enables a few gestures by default anyway, libinput-gestures is just an unrelated package. More specifically, libinput-gestures merely reads gestures from the kernel device directly and then executes commands based on the config file. And those commands depend on what you're running. If you're in a Wayland session, any xdotool command doesn't work. See e.g. https://who-t.blogspot.com.au/2016/12... for an explanation of why they don't work.

I would recommend running libinput-debug-events first too to see if libinput detects the gestures correctly. On some devices we had to disable gestures simply because the touchpad doesn't give us reliable (or enough) data.

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