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Hard disk frequent head unloads...?

asked 2011-11-08 19:25:44 +0000

m.nowak gravatar image

updated 2014-09-28 20:53:23 +0000

mether gravatar image

Hi, I'm a fedora user that experiences a problem among some laptop users in the linux community - unusually frequent hard disk head unloads. This problem is summed up nicely here on an opensuse forum (http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/439751-hard-disk-frequent-head-unloads-disk-clicking-whilst-idle-possible-solution.html) I have a solution that I use, but it is not perfect.

I "fix" the problem by editing /etc/rc.d/rc.local and insert at the end hdparm -B 254 -S 242 /dev/sda

This fixes the problem, except at certain times. For example, when I boot fedora and am entering my password to decrypt my harddrive, the problem occurs. Also the problem exists during the installation of a new Fedora iso.

Has anyone else experienced this hard drive problem, and if so do you have a better solution that fixes the problem over all scenarios?

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answered 2011-11-10 08:54:05 +0000

lzap gravatar image

This is all about your hard drive rather than distribution problem. Some distributions are configured to write more often to disc, depending on what software is installed (and which of these are calling fsync system call).

The only way to discover what numbers are working for your HDD is to try them all. What you read in the hdparm man page is NOT always implemented. In reality most HDD drives ignores the stuff. You need to set it to the default setting and it is a hard task sometimes if you lost the numbers.

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