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F18 64-bit "uncompression error" on boot

asked 2013-01-16 10:00:47 -0500

amazingant gravatar image

updated 2013-01-16 14:33:41 -0500

Jomoos gravatar image

I've been trying to get help for this on #fedora and haven't gotten anywhere, so rather than spamming my problem there...

I grabbed the release copy of F18 x86_64 yesterday as soon as I could, verified it against the signature file w/gpg, and went to install it in a fresh VM with virtualbox (Win8 x64 host machine). Regardless of what I do there, trying to boot into F18 gives me a blank white screen. I do get the livecd boot options, with "Start Fedora 18" and "Troubleshooting". I've gone in and tried "Start Fedora 18 in basic graphics mode" and "Test this media & start Fedora 18", and they both send me to a blank white screen as well.

Not wanting to go without playing with F18, I downloaded the x86 version and threw that into another fresh VM, and that seems to work fine.

When I got home from work, I burned the x86_64 iso to a DVD and popped it in my server to see if it would work on real hardware; on my server, instead of a blank white screen, I get "uncompression error" and "system halted" flashing at me.

The only thing I've found so far in regards to this issue is "update your bios" and "you've got bad memory". Both machines I'm working with (the server and the Win8 host for my VMs) have gone through 20+ hours of memtest, and there isn't any bios I can update in virtualbox.

What can I do to figure this out?

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answered 2013-01-16 10:27:22 -0500

amazingant gravatar image

It looks like the iso I downloaded yesterday came through corrupted, or became corrupted while I was moving it to my Win8 machine. Grabbed it again, hash matches up now, boots with no problem.

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