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Hello, i am beginner in linux. I have PC with fedora16. I received rpm packages from Siemens for industrial ups, but they warned me, what it is old version (2008) and they does not sure, what it is working. I tried install it (with all necessary packages) but after installation, in folders, does not exist files, which are specified in the readme. I installed with root rights: rpm -Uhv, progress bar -100%, without errors, but files did not create. How i can check, is it packages not compatible or something else? Sorry for my English.

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First thing you must do is upgrading to a supported version of Fedora. (currently Fedora 24 and Fedora 25). Fedora 16 is terrible out of date and not supported with important security updates anymore.

Then, the readme file that you provide/the manufacturer provided you, says that the program is delivered as source code (.src.rpm): You need to build a .rpm first.

If you are planning to setup a development machine for programming PLCs and DCS', I'd recommend you to use a stable environment, such as CentOS, where you don't the most modern software packages but stability over a longer period

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