error while installing flatpak apps in fedora 25

asked 2017-05-18 08:35:13 +0000

luca247 gravatar image

the other day i wanted to try out flatpak and downloaded gnome photos nightly to test it...when i click on the file, the software center opens up and ask me to install the app, but when i click on install it just say "installing" and after a few seconds the install button is back...if in install the app through the command line everything is ok...everytime i click on the install button anyway flatpak creates a new repo which strangely enough can only be removed by the command flatpak remote-delete --user org.gnome.Photos-origin and not with the usual flatpak delete (which says repo is not found by the way)

doeas anyone knows how to solve it, considering other flatpak apps installed succesfully?will, completely remove flatpak and then installit again, help me or it's just a waste of time?

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Hello, thanks for "--user" option I was trying removing this "com.spotify.Client-nth-origin" remote without success. nth=1,2,3... , I did installed spotify through flatpak in my fedora25 but now I can't

christianbueno ( 2017-06-22 05:52:36 +0000 )edit