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I updated to kernel 4.13.4 and suddenly, wifi does not work.

asked 2017-10-11 08:40:56 -0500

jmayora gravatar image

I am using Fedora 26 and I updated to kernel 4.13.4. Suddenly wifi does not work. I have Realtek 8723BE wifi card. I had to remove this new kernel and got back to 4.12.8 which works with my wifi card. I noticed there is the new stable kernel 4.13.5, but I don't know if the wifi issue was solved. I had looked but no mention of this issue. Anybody with this same issue?

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I've been experiencing the same issue since upgrading to 4.13.4, and the problem is still present in 4.13.5. I've got an Intel AC 3165 wifi adapter. If I disable wifi and then re-enable it, it will work for 5-20 minutes before dropping again. If I boot into a 4.12 kernel or Windows it works fine.

sml_x gravatar imagesml_x ( 2017-10-11 11:28:32 -0500 )edit

After researching several sites, I found that the RTL8723BE driver has a parameter to select the antenna port. I changed the port from 2 to 0 and it worked. I am now using kernel 4.13.5. I also turn off power management on the driver to avoid ramdom disconnects. Maybe the AC3165 driver has a similar parameter.

jmayora gravatar imagejmayora ( 2017-10-11 18:19:12 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-10-11 18:22:37 -0500

jmayora gravatar image

the RTL8723BE driver has parameters that can be configured in the driver config file "rtl8723be.conf". I used antenna port selection, software power management, hardware power management and link power management. options rtl8723be ant_sel=0 fwlps=0 swlps=0 ips=0

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