Can't install drivers Fedora 26

asked 2017-10-12 05:32:34 -0500

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Hello, today I tried installing digimend drivers in order to use my huion tablet. I'm currently using fedora 26 Wayland with kernel 4.11 (kernel for drivers should be at least 3.5, so I think I'm fine).The problem comes when i try to use the command 'make' in the drivers folder. Here's what the prompt say:

   [root@localhost digimend-kernel-drivers-6]# make
   make -C /lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/build SUBDIRS=/home/stome/Downloads/digimend-kernel-drivers-6  modules
make[1]: *** /lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.
make: *** [Makefile:9: modules] Error 2
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@anacletus please install kernel-headers and kernel-devel and try again

hhlp gravatar imagehhlp ( 2017-10-12 06:07:26 -0500 )edit

@hhlp I did what you suggested but still the error occurs. I tried to see the build file in the kernel modules in/lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/build but it says that the link is broken to usr/src/kernel.

anacletus gravatar imageanacletus ( 2017-10-12 07:19:24 -0500 )edit

Do a

dnf list kernel-headers kernel-devel

To see chich version you have installed. Also do

uname -r

to check which kernel you are running.

villykruse gravatar imagevillykruse ( 2017-10-12 08:36:48 -0500 )edit

@villykruse both headers and devel are 4.13.5-200.fc26

anacletus gravatar imageanacletus ( 2017-10-12 09:22:39 -0500 )edit

And uname -r ?

villykruse gravatar imagevillykruse ( 2017-10-12 09:55:21 -0500 )edit