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How can one change the GTK+ 2 theme in the workstation edition?

asked 2017-11-12 17:33:42 +0000

BH2017 gravatar image

updated 2017-11-12 18:33:01 +0000

I'd like to change my GTK+ 2 theme to my own theme macOS-Arc-White, under KDE this is simple, just go into the system settings and select the application style option. GNOME Tweak Tool doesn't seem to change GTK+ 2 theme, only GTK+ 3 theme. I've tried installing KDE System Settings (package name: plasma-systemsettings) in case I could switch it in it while still using GNOME but it doesn't seem to list the application style option in it. Here is a picture of what I see in KDE's system settings:

image description

As you can see there's no "Application Style" option that's there normally.

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answered 2017-11-14 07:40:17 +0000

masteroman gravatar image

I believe lxappearance package does that change when switching theme there and applying it. You can install it with:

sudo dnf install lxappearance

To start the application (if GNOME menu entry is missing) you can simply type lxappearance in the command line and press [ENTER].

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