Fedora aarch64 image on Orange Pi PC2

asked 2018-02-04 15:01:05 -0500

Dear reader,

With this message I would like to inform you that for me it was succesfull in using/merging a Fedora 27/Rawhide Minimal aarch64 SD-card image with a Fedora 27 Workstation for aarch64. The "trick" was needed in order to get a reasonably working Fedora operating system on an Orange Pi PC2. I had to write the Minimal image using the fedora-arm-installer and then overwrite the "5th" partition with the "4th" partition of the Workstation image. Of course it was needed to do a merge as the /lib(/modules) and /lib64 directories from the Minimal image contains the proper files for running on the Orange Pi PC2.

My question would be: ==> please create a proper working Fedora Rawhide/28 Workstation image which can also be used on at least an Orange Pi PC2


Johan ten Hove

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