Nither build in mb Audio or USB ports Functions!

asked 2018-02-09 20:07:38 +0000

Greeting Fedora Community, I have been using linux since 2010 on and off, i started with Ubuntu 10.1 and later moved to Debian, and after that a bit of Arch Linux. Honest from my Heart i really love Fedora and this wonderful OS has taken me by storm. I hit a wall today when i installed Fedora (EVERYTHING) on my machine, install went well and everything was OK. I noticed that My USB wireless did not function, nither the audio that is usely the on the MOBO. I use to run Audio and Visual on the HDMI cable from my graphic card when i ran Windows 10. My network is a ALFA USB WLAN AWUS036ACH, if i am correct, i have not installed the drivers for the Motherboard. Where das the Udev comes in? What have i missed durning this installation? Thank you.

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