Random boot [f26,f27]

asked 2018-02-10 11:22:39 +0000

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I have an asus N752V. One year ago I've installed fedora 26 and (even after a cleanup & a fresh install of fedora 27) I've always had problem booting fedora. GRUB works flawlessly, but the kernel sometimes doesn't start: I get a black screen without any info, but sometimes it boots right.

My usual setup involves the root partition (encrypted) on the SSD and the home (encrypted) and swap partition on the HDD. I tried both with EFI partition on SSD or on HDD without noticing any differences. The problem persist no matter if secure boot is enabled or not.

I tried also other distribution:

  • arch linux: always boot but I had problem with nvidia (not the point of this question)
  • nix os: boot always but I had problem again with nvidia
  • void linux: I'm trying void linux and it seems to work

but again, I'd like to run fedora but I've no ideas about what isn't going or how to debug this.

(As a side note probably not relevant, no matter what distro I've tried suspension on ram sometimes does not work)

Thanks in advance!

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