Unable to access virtual consoles with Tt Poseidon Z gaming keyboard.

asked 2018-04-13 08:42:33 -0600

Using the ThermalTake Poseidon Z keyboard I am unable to access the Fedora Linux 27 Virtual Consoles (Ctrl-Alt-F[2-7]. A second keyboard accesses them just fine. No reboot, I don't even have to unplug the Tt keyboard - just plug in the alternate keyboard and it works fine. The individual keys work fine and some combinations with other programs such as Konsole to switch between tabs, and screen to switch between terminals.

I suspect this has something to do with the N-key rollover, but not sure why as this seems to be the only combination that fails. Not that I have tried everything.

So I am wondering if anyone else has this same problem and, if so, whether you have a fix.


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