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Fedora28 Hibernate Problem

asked 2018-04-29 09:14:04 -0500

heybuddy gravatar image

updated 2018-05-05 19:56:52 -0500

Hi Fedora folks! I'm new to Fedora, and I love it so far with only a couple of exceptions, one of which is that I can't seem to make hibernate/sleep work properly. I gather that there is more than one sleep-like state available, and I'm not super picky about which one fedora chooses when I close my laptop lid or leave it alone for a while. The behaviours I'm looking for are:

  • I close my laptop lid when I get sleepy
  • laptop battery isn't dead when I wake up
  • laptop doesn't reboot when I open the screen ( it should just resume )


  • I walk away from open laptop for several hours
  • laptop battery isn't dead when I come back


I'm running Fedora 28 after initially installed Fedora 27, updating (via dnf) to Fedora 28 Beta, and then installing the system update offered earlier today which results in:

➜  ~ uname -a               
Linux 4.16.5-300.fc28.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Apr 27 17:38:36 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
➜  ~ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 28 (Twenty Eight)

I've been reading some bug reports about this issue as well as some answers on this site , and I've followed some of (I think all?) of the recommendations in those threads.

My laptop is a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen, 16GB memory, and I'm currently dual booting debian and fedora (I'm not sure if dual-boot should affect hibernate). I have disabled secure boot.

I've tried adding each of resume=uuid={my-swap-uuid-as-seen-from-lvdisplay}, resume=fedora/swap, and resume=/dev/mapper/fedora-swap to my /etc/default/grub (then grub2-mkconfig > /etc/grub2-efi.cfg and reboot between each try), and none of them make hibernate work. I believe the resume=/dev/mapper/fedora-swap option is correct since my boot-time is about 15 seconds with that option (still pretty painfully slow compared to the debian boot time of less than 5 seconds), while booting takes well over 90 seconds when resume is either not set or set to a non-/dev/mapper/fedora-swap value.

My fedora swap partition is only 8GB which is less than my available ram, but I'm not sure that should be a show-stopper if my ram usage at suspend time is less than 8GB.

In any event, when I type systemctl hibernate, the screen goes dark and the power light stays on for a few seconds, but then turns off, and the laptop won't resume when I press keys. If I press the power button or close and reopen the laptop lid, the machine boots up -- indicating that it has most definitely been powered off :)

I don't have enough points here to attach the output of journalctl --since today, but the following snippet shows some action around one of my recent hibernate attempts:

Apr 29 09:20:01 systemd[1]: Found device /dev/mapper/fedora-swap.
Apr 29 09:20:01 smallcat ...
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answered 2018-05-06 10:33:13 -0500

heybuddy gravatar image

Ok after a fresh installation of Fedora 28 the other day (after UPDATE 4), resume is now added by default to the appropriate line in /etc/default/grub (thanks to this heroic effort, and after adding HandleLidSwitch=hibernate and IdleAction=hibernate to /etc/systemd/logind.conf I can now close my laptop, walk away for a long time, and come back pretty much where I left off in terms of saved state and battery life!

There are a couple of weird issues remaining, but I'm so happy to not have a dead battery all the time that I'll just figure them out later :)

remaining problems: - for some reason my gvim windows go away when I resume from hibernate, but other windows seem to maintain their state - when I resume, the laptop basically does a full reboot (lenovo boot splash -> boot menu -> fedora), but it's not a total disaster because when I choose fedora from the boot menu I get plopped back at the unlock screen (as opposed to the login screen), and my session is more or less where I left it - for some unknown reason my powertop preferences keep getting overwritten -- not sure if this is related to hibernate or not, but it is super annoying :)

Anyway, stuff is kinda working now! Hopefully all this gets automated and these options more clearly exposed somehow -- maybe in an advanced options tab in the install wizard?

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answered 2018-06-19 06:40:50 -0500

lhirlimann gravatar image has a bunch of suggestion on how to fix sleep/hibernate issues on the hardware described above.

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