Fedora 28 Refused To Load Desktop Enviroment - Gnome

asked 2018-05-16 23:45:27 -0600

x27qb8 gravatar image

I finally got this pig to start working by loading another profile with less Gnome extensions. I then drilled-down into my admin profile, became root and deleted most of the non-stock ones. I was then able to load my DE again. Last time Easy-Screen-Recorder did it to me. I didn't have enough time, so I shotgunned exts.

This kind of stuff is a deal killer. I'm NOT a hobbiest. I have real work to do. This can't happen again. Gnome, when you include the community developed extensions, is just way to buggy. I can't live with this.

Can anyone recommend a different DE, that will get-along with my gnome apps? I have XFCE; but it's a little too raw for everyday use. I need something with a little polish to it.

BTW, the "Nemo" fix works for getting icons back on my Desktop; but it's a sucky fix.

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