my machine is not supported by fwupdate, can I still update some other firmware?

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Hi, I'm running F28. Firstly I was surprised of fwupdate not being installed by default. Then after running "fwupdate --supported" I get the following:

failed to open /sys/devices/platform/dell-smbios.0/tokens/0462_value 
Firmware updates are not supported on this machine.

Now I wonder if because of this my machine won't let me update for example (by showing the update automatically on Gnome Software) the firmware of my Logitech Unifying devices.

My machine is a Dell Precision M6700 laptop. Don't know why but I thought that Dell machines were all fwupdate-friendly :)

And I also wonder what other firmwares can be update by this tool: UEFI and??

Thanks :)

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I just disabled the admin password inBIOS/UEFI and now Firmware updates are supported on this machine. Support is currently disabled.

and "fwupdate -e":

failed to open /sys/devices/platform/dell-smbios.0/tokens/0462_value
failed to open /sys/devices/platform/dell-smbios.0/tokens/0461_value
failed to open /sys/devices/platform/dell-smbios.0/tokens/0461_value
Firmware updates will be enabled after the system is rebooted.

But after rebooting support sill showed as disabled! By the way after disabling the BIOS password, fwupdate can see the Logitech receiver firmware

horizonbrave gravatar imagehorizonbrave ( 2018-05-17 21:14:45 -0500 )edit