Colors Red and Blue inverted in Fedora28 on Raspberry Pi3 and Pi3B+

asked 2018-06-01 16:10:58 -0600

wlippe gravatar image

I installed Fedora28 aarch64 on my Raspberry Pi3B+. I used the minimal install and added xfce to it. The colors red and blue were inverted. When I looked better at startup of the Pi I saw that initially the Tux-icons on top of the screen where composed of the colors yellow, black and white. Later in the startup proces when the screen is refreshed the Tux-icons are composed of the colors light blue, black and white. The problem also occurs when I use the same micro-SD-card in a Raspberry Pi3B. I reinstalled Fedore several times, tried out mate-desktop instead of xfce-desktop, tried the workstation version which uses Gnome. All with the same result. The problem does not occur when I use other operating systems on both Pi's (for example raspbian, OpenSuse 64-bits). It looks to me like a driver problem. I am new to Fedora, so I could use so help to analyse this problem.

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