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fedora 28 wifi slow

asked 2018-07-16 23:55:55 -0500

Hello, all! I have installed the Fedora 28 on my Lenovo Ideapad 320 and I'm having some problems with it. Biggest one is with the wifi. Speed test is showing speed not more than 10-12Mbps.It should be much faster! Thanks in advance!

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For some wifi cards, Linux contains drivers with limited features only. In some cases, this includes lower transmit/receive rates.

We'd need more info on your wifi hardware to tell you what's going on. Using the iw command may give you more information on supported bitrates and frequencies. modprobe may give a hint on the used kernel modules. lsusb or lspci give details on the hardware, depending on whether the wifi hardware is connected using USB or PCI(e). Without that information we can only guess.

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2018-07-18 05:01:28 -0500 )edit

Hello, so... 02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter With a change of the driver it is a little bit better and also the last system update. Can it be a problem of too many available wifi connection .

AtanasovH gravatar imageAtanasovH ( 2018-07-20 08:53:22 -0500 )edit

Can it be a problem of too many available wifi connection

That's possible and pretty common.

PS: Please use punctuation, i.e. a question mark to end a question.

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2018-07-26 06:22:27 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-07-17 03:16:11 -0500

nik_DSCI gravatar image

updated 2018-07-17 03:35:07 -0500

speed depend upon mainly on location , load ( peek - offpeak ) . few factors like wifi device settings also like speed limit (UL/DL) restrictions . check TX/RX rate using any available tools .. speed test also depend upon load and nature of server available for test ... use two systems of your own ( connected to different networks ) install iperf3 tool in both to test system bandwidth and internet speed , or you can use iftop -i <interface> while downloading any file to check speed in realtime

online speed test providers ( calculates global available speed )depends on between your Network and their available test server performance so the result assumed as average not accurate ( as ISP speed is not calculated this way )

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Also note that having many wifi devices near yours (distance up to 100m) will degrade your wifi throughput.

genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2018-07-18 05:02:12 -0500 )edit

for note : if connection have 1 Mbps, than the actual download speed will be 1024 / 8 = 128 kbps

nik_DSCI gravatar imagenik_DSCI ( 2018-07-18 11:17:23 -0500 )edit

So in the beginning was 700kbps max.. then I made system update = became 2.4Mbps max .. new driver = 3.2Mbps much better but still not perfect. But can I expect more from this card with a lot of available connection less than 100m?

02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

AtanasovH gravatar imageAtanasovH ( 2018-07-20 08:58:23 -0500 )edit

to understand more you need to understand this

The speeds being advertised by the ISP are MegaBITS per second and speedtest will likely be showing megaBYTES per second. The quick and dirty conversion calculation is to divide by 10, so 100 megaBITS per second works out to 10 megaBYTES per second under perfect conditions.

advantages of some functions with network devices like wifi cards etc e.g MIMO etc all are depends for speed in your in house internet speed and speed advertised (i.e allowed by ) by ISP

nik_DSCI gravatar imagenik_DSCI ( 2018-07-20 11:37:18 -0500 )edit

speed also depends this way : If you're trying to get to Website X or downloading something from server Y or Uploading to server Z , and it involves going through a slow relay server, it doesn't matter how fast your Internet connection is, it'll only be as fast as that slow relay can deliver data. now a days we have three choices for wifi frequencies 2.5Ghz (B/G/N) , 5Ghz ( A/N/AC) and 60Ghz ( AD ) [ 60Ghz was theoretical till 2016 but now it is available which is sometimes faster than wired network ]

nik_DSCI gravatar imagenik_DSCI ( 2018-07-20 11:39:58 -0500 )edit

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