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I have about 75Gb media in /home/me/Videos and /home/me/Music. before installing Fedora 29 (from 24 to 28) I would disable SELinux and stop the inbuilt firewall ( firewalld) then enable media sharing in 'settings' . I'd then plonk my spotty botty in front of my big telly, start Kodi on a Raspberry Pi search for my Fedora PC (looking for UPnP devices) and watch my shows or listen to my tunes. Not any more. I've done everything that I usually do and there isn't a Fedora Machine to be found. I've then installed all the Rygel components and started it as a service as well as configuring Rygel to allow Videos and Music to be made available ( ) Still nothing. Now of course I could copy stuff into a USB drive and connect that to the Pi but, hell, what's the point of UPNnP media sharing if it isn't to share media over my home network. - I've checked all the setting in the chain, Kodi is OK with UPnP as is the router.

What's my next step to re-enable my DLNA/UPnP luxury ?

After 2 days of re-booting the PC (server) and the Kodi Pi (client) the client still reports "Unable to find Network Player"

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so this is unaswerable ?

saywot gravatar imagesaywot ( 2019-02-11 05:35:54 -0600 )edit