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Configuring Firewall in Fedora 18

asked 2013-06-20 23:35:28 +0000

papaj gravatar image


I am new to Fedora (just started to learn it this week) and I have managed to set up vsftpd so that my machine is an ftp server. The only problem that I am having is setting up my firewall to allow ftp. I can turn it on and ftp works but if I have to restart the machine it reverts back to being blocked and I have to set the firewall permission again. How can I permanently set the firewall to allow ftp?

Any help would be appreciated.

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answered 2013-06-21 01:41:23 +0000

Rabin gravatar image

If you use FirewallD then you can use the GUI utility to change the persistent Configuration. If you like to do it via the CLI, you should read the wiki page


Basically you need to copy the zone file from /lib/firewalld to /etc/firewalld and apply your changes, this file will overwrite the system configuration

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answered 2013-06-21 01:42:16 +0000

mattdm gravatar image

By default, the firewall configuration works on the in-memory running state. With the firewall-cmd command-line too, add --permanent to change to configuring the permanent config (you'll need to do one of both to make the change right away _and_ across reboots).

Or, in the GUI, change the little "Current View" dropdown.

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There is a step by step instruction for the firewall and for the semanage to allow the port here https://ask.fedoraproject.org/question/32852/ssh-fails-to-connect-fedora-19/?answer=32859

erik ( 2013-12-09 04:28:43 +0000 )edit

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