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How to fedup with low disk space

asked 2013-07-06 21:46:35 -0600

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updated 2013-07-13 00:54:09 -0600

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My daughter's netbook has a 16G drive. Normally when I upgrade I use PXE netboot and anaconda will do the upgrade. With fedup it want's to download all the packages on to the local drive. With only about 1.5G free it doesn't have enough room.

What's the recommended way to upgrade? Aside from the obvious, backup the /home directory and toast the entire computer.

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answered 2013-07-13 01:01:15 -0600

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

I don't think fedup has an option that'll let you pick a separate cache directory. fedup stores it's files in /var/lib/fedora-upgrade and I don't see a way of changing this in the documentation. You can file an RFE, but I don't know how quickly upstream will get down to this.

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On a couple of computers where the root partition was too small for fedup, I soft-linked the cache directory to a place in /home. In this case it sounds like the entire hard drive is too small. There's a possibility that you could put the cache on an external USB drive if there's an entry for it in /etc/fstab.

ssieb gravatar imagessieb ( 2014-05-02 12:30:29 -0600 )edit

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