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Linux firmware and microcode_ctl conflict

asked 2013-07-25 11:56:43 +0000

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updated 2014-09-29 06:20:23 +0000

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I had latest linux-firmware and microcode_ctl packages from the fedora repository. Today linux-firmware tried to update to a newer version from the updates-testing repository. It failed because of conflict with microcode_ctl files. I uninstalled them both, then installed just latest linux-firmware from updates-testing and microcode_ctl cannot be installed because of the same conflict.

Transaction check error:
  file /lib/firmware/amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin from install of microcode_ctl-2:2.0-3.1.fc19.x86_64 conflicts with file from package linux-firmware-20130724-27.git31f6b30.fc19.noarch
  file /lib/firmware/amd-ucode/microcode_amd_fam15h.bin from install of microcode_ctl-2:2.0-3.1.fc19.x86_64 conflicts with file from package linux-firmware-20130724-27.git31f6b30.fc19.noarch

As can be seen, linux-firmware is version 20130724-27.git31f6b30.fc19 and microcode_ctl was 2:2.0-3.1.fc19. The previous linux-firmware version (before the update and the conflict) was 20130418-0.1.gitb584174.fc19. And as can also be seen by packages, I am using Fedora 19 with updates-testing.

How to resolve the conflicts and have the latest versions of both packages. Also, do I need both packages? I found Microcode ArchWiki page (wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Microcode) but I cannot find intel-ucode package for Fedora (I am using Intel processor).

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answered 2013-07-26 04:04:10 +0000

updated 2013-07-26 04:04:38 +0000

This is a known issue and has been filed at the bugzilla already: rhbz#988263

An update has been pushed and should propagate to the mirrors soon: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2013-13600/linux-firmware-20130724-28.git31f6b30.fc19

If you're using updates-testing, please give this update karma when you install it. Also, as an updates-testing user, it's a good idea to keep an eye on bugzilla and bodhi, specially when you run into issues. Updates-testing is not for daily usage. It's only purpose is testing our updates.


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Thanks! I could now install microcode_ctl. I searched for a conflict between these 2 packages but for some reason this bugzilla report didn't show up.

bob ( 2013-07-26 16:50:45 +0000 )edit

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