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reinstall grub bootloader to a different partition Fedora 19

asked 2013-08-13 22:46:02 -0500

roruka gravatar image

updated 2013-08-14 05:16:14 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

During Fedora 19 install, I couldn't choose where to install grub bootloader, it would only allow to select hda, contrary to Ubuntu/Mint where I could choose a specific partition where to install grub.

Now I want to encrypt my Windows partition (dual boot, yes, shameless) with Truecrypt, thus replacing grub in the MBR with TC bootloader, then chainload the Windows bootloader with EasyBCD, and point to the linux partition for the grub bootloader.

Question: how do I reinstall grub into dev/sda3?

Here is my HDD current configuration:

dev/sda1 NTFS 100MB [Windows boot partition]

dev/sda2 NTFS 100GB [Windows system partition]

dev/sda3 EXT4 500MB [supposedly /boot from where I think grub should be pointing ]

dev/sda4 extended 360GB

----dev/sda6 210GB lvm2 pv [LUKS encrypted fedora LVM group, with /root /home /swap and /data ]

----dev/sda5 120GB NTFS [data, empty stupid partition because it will most likely not be recognized by Windows anyway, I'll probably format it as Ext4 later]

Here is what I've tried in console:

[nup@localhost ~]$ sudo grub2-install /dev/sda3 /usr/sbin/grub2-bios-setup: error: guessing the root device failed, because of `cannot stat ‘/dev/sda6 ’: No such file or directory'.

[nup@localhost ~]$ sudo grub2-install /dev/sda4 Invalid device ‘/dev/sda4’. Usage: /usr/sbin/grub2-bios-setup [OPTION...] DEVICE Try '/usr/sbin/grub2-bios-setup --help' or '/usr/sbin/grub2-bios-setup --usage' for more information.

[nup@localhost ~]$ sudo grub2-install /dev/sda6 /usr/sbin/grub2-bios-setup: error: guessing the root device failed, because of `cannot stat ‘/dev/sda6 ’: No such file or directory'.

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answered 2013-08-14 05:17:38 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image
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answered 2013-08-16 02:04:22 -0500

roruka gravatar image

Thanks for your replies.

Thank you FranciscoD_ I can't believe I missed that page the whole time! Looks like the wiki is more helpful than the manual sometimes :)

I'll keep fiddling this issue some more in the upcoming weeks and see what the best solution.

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answered 2013-08-14 04:09:13 -0500

rickhg12hs gravatar image

I ran into the same issue updating from F17 to F19. It seems the newer GRUB2 is too large for partitions now and it is dangerous to install there. You can force it if you want. Search for "install grub2 to a partition" to see how to do it.

For now, I'm sticking with the F17 GRUB2 as it seems to work fine and fit in the partition.

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